Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Heats Up

Although I had my doubts, there are starting to be undeniable signs of Spring.

The fields have started to green up as well. There is another sure sign of spring in our area. It is the plumes of white smoke you see in the otherwise blue skies. The smoke comes from the annual burning of fields and irrigation ditches. It's best to burn in the early morning or late evening, as this is when the breeze is light. Tonight we decided to burn the front 20.
There are lots of trees where the water comes in, so we only burn the ditches in the open fields.
Luckily, we have a water truck, which puts my mind at ease as my children run around lighting things on fire.

During the lazy days of summer, the grass grows long in and around the ditches that deliver the water to the fields. By burning the grass in spring, it lets the water flow much better.

We start slowly and see how the breeze is going to affect the flames. You want a little wind so the fields will burn, but of course you don't want it to get away from you. Tonight it was just about right.

Seth has the water sprayer in the back of the Mule. He made sure the fire stayed where we wanted it. Mostly though, he got to drive around and spray his siblings with water. ;) With my crew lighting it up, it doesn't take long for the fields to really get burnin'. Once you have a small fire burning, you can rake up dead grass to use as a torch.

Once the sun dropped below the mountains, the wind died and it got pretty smokey in our dreamy draw. Although the old grass was done burning, the horse poop (forgive my potty talk) continued to smolder for a long time. I took the kiddos home for showers while the big boys stayed behind to make sure there were no hot spots.

I love how all of the fields around here look this time of year. They are green without being overgrown. It looks like it is all freshly mowed. I am looking forward to the start of another growing season.


Kim Hannay said...

ahhh... the country life! Jackson doesn't even have to wait to go to scout camp to play with fire. ;)

Mare said...

Gorgeous pics! I can't believe you already have flowers blooming! I don't even have any plants up yet! Can't wait for some cute little daffodils!