Monday, April 19, 2010

Sports Saturday

Spring Sports have begun and that makes for a full Saturday!
Jackson really wanted to do soccer this year. I think he enjoyed it, but he certainly isn't very aggressive.
There was a time in my mothering life when I would have been yelling at him to go for the ball (OK, I may have loudly encouraged a time or two). But for the most part, I just liked watching him run around while I basked in the Spring Sun. I actually found the more intense parents rather amusing. It's only 1st grade after all. :)

Elise also wanted to do soccer. When you are in 4th grade, many of the serious soccer players have joined DYSA (club soccer). One of her friends from school signed up for rec. league too, but she was sick on this, their first game. Elise was rather nervous because her team combined with another one from a different school. When she arrived, she realized she knew 2 of her teammates which helped her nerves. Wow, she is a lot better than the last time she played 2 years ago. She's fast too. It was fun cheering her on.

Sidenote: I talked to the mom of one of the girls and we were discussing the fact that our kids were growing up fast. She told me a story of the daughter of a friend who was going to her first big party. She expressed her concern about this girl riding with drunk drivers and related to me the 'talk' they had about what ALL boys want. Her main concern was safety. I felt kind of like a deer in the headlights because I wasn't sure how to relate to her. Her attitude was like that of most of the world-kids are going to drink and have sex, so we need to be sure they don't die or get pregnant. (She didn't say it quite like way, that was my crude summary.) To me, this is the same logic as letting your toddler play with the sharp knives while hoping they don't get cut-because hey, what toddler isn't fascinated with shiny knives. I know that is simplistic and a poor analogy, but I don't think lowering our expectations of goodness serves any purpose other than lessening that goodness in our world and our children. It's weird because I used to feel like I was on the same parenting page as this lady. We both wanted our daughters to play nice and do their homework, right? Some where along the journey we got on divergent 'parenting expectation' roads. Climbing down off the soap box now.

After soccer I squeaked in a Republican Assembly to elect a primary candidate for the 59th Congressional seat while everyone else went to watch Seth who was playing in a basketball tournament up at the college all day. (Yes, I do feel like writing lots of run-on sentences today, as well as side notes and stuff in parentheses-in case you were curious.) After 3 soccer games and my meeting, I did manage to catch Seth's 6th grade championship game. They won and Seth contributed a lot to his team.
Gabe (not pictured) was in Pagosa for a track meet all day and shortly after this game we were able to pick him up from the bus and take him up to the college for the 7th grade championship game. Seth got to play 'up' on this team too. Gabe played and scored a ton, Seth warmed the bench, but alas, they lost and took 2nd place.

I thought I would be sportsed-out by the time we finally got home. But I really had a nice day. I have to admit that watching the kids play sports now that they are getting older is a lot of fun. Not only that, it has made watching the little guys more pleasant because I have a little more perspective and can believe they will eventually go after that ball.

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I'm a big fan of rambles and soap boxes. Oh,and I do like watching sports too.