Monday, April 26, 2010

Something Stinks

I need to talk about a problem we had in our home. A few days ago as I went about my usual routine I caught glimmers of a funky smell. An unpleasant smell. I looked around but could find no obvious source. I moved on.

Yesterday afternoon we got home from church and it was there again. Only stronger. This time, the whole family wandered around the upstairs sniffing. Again, we could find nothing obvious. We put Daisy outside. Still there. John was pretty sure the smell was coming from the office. So we closed the doors. Hmm. It seemed a little better. I think. With kids going in and out of the house, the smell soon dissipated and we had once again forgotten it.
The office doors are near the front door-the smell was gone after we'd gone in and out a few times
Apparently the smell just needed a closed up house to return to haunt us. The next morning when I got up, I could smell it. It reminded me of the smell of a rotten potato. Well, the office doors has been left open all night and I quickly closed them and got the kids off to school. When I got home I figured I needed to get to the bottom of this because not even the closed office doors were blocking out the smell now. I decided to open all the doors and air everything out so I could get to the crux of the problem. Once everything was aired out, I became convinced the office was not the problem. I narrowed it to the entryway BY the office.

But what was it? There were some shoes in the corner. Nope. Was it the rug? Didn't seem to be. The floors all looked good. Nothing behind the pictures or in the kid-made pots. But the closer I got to the entry table, the worse it got. I leaned over to smell a picture frame when I stubbed my toe on what is a decorative little metal chest. Decorative. I haven't ever put anything in it. But as I knelt down, it became clearer and clearer that this little chest had a stinky little secret.

Yes, those are PUMPKINS!! Pretty scary!! Let's see...
Have you ever seen what happens to a pumpkin after 6 months in a small, warm, dark place. Well now you know!

Sidenote: Upon returning home form school, Jackson told me he put them there to keep them safe.


Cajsa said...

Ugh. I can only imagine the stink. I'm actually surprised it took that long for the smell to appear.

Keryn said...

Oh, man. That's a lovely picture. Glad they were safe for all those months. (And what a relief to find the source of the smell!)

Kelly said...

Oooh, that is gross! Glad you found it!

Heidi said...

LOL!!! That is so.... funny!!!

Lucy said...

So gross and funny! That happened once in my car and when I finally identified the source of the smell, it was exactly that kind of! So, so nasty.

Glad Jackson kept those safe for you all these months:)

Mimi said...

Pretty funny:)! Was Jackson surprised to see what had happened to them? I love it when kids do something like that. One of the fun things of being a mom!

Sue said...

eewwww.... That's hilarious!