Friday, April 30, 2010

Daisy v. the Porcupine

Poor Daisy. I don't know what else to say. If she weren't so miserable I would be really mad that it cost over $200 for the vet to remove the quills from her mouth and throat.

I am not sure what chapter to label this altercation with the porcupine, but I do know this is the 4th time she has tangled with this species of opponent. I am hoping she will be a gracious loser next time and just come home. I have no recipe for a remedy on this one, although I know in the past we have had to wrap her in a blanket and use locking pliers to remove a smaller smattering of quills. We have learned that if gums, mouths, or throats are involved, it is far more painless to let the vet knock her out and remove the barbs.

From the small barb size we are guessing it was a very young porcupine. From the blood on both Daisy and Velvet (our neighbor's dog), we are guessing there won't be a rematch with this particular foe. I only hope that no one in the porcupine's family is looking to even the score.

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Lucy said...

That poor dog. On the one hand, your stories about needing dogs to scare off coyotes and bears makes me think, "yeah...we should get a dog."

Then you post about skunks and porcupines, dog poop and mud and I think, "nuh-uh!"

I hope Daisy's mouth recovers. That looks horrible.