Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What the Caucus?

Tonight I went to the Caucus Meeting. I think I have been to one before back in 2008, but I really wasn't sure what it was for. I know, I know, I am politically ignorant. But I am trying. At our caucus meeting there were 9 of us from our district and I got picked to be a Precinct Committee Person. ( I actually think I did that 2 years ago too---Yes, I know, I am super politically ridiculous...) So I now get to go to the fairgrounds at the end of the month and listen to different political stuff and hear from different candidates.

For those out of the loop, tonite's Caucus is the meeting that any concerned citizen who is registered to vote should attend. You are able to express concerns you have and even submit them in writing in hopes that they will continue to get passed up the line to our lawmakers. One guy wants the increased fees for car registration repealed. Another wants to be sure we let someone know that he's opposed to Cap and Trade. Most of the people there expressed serious concern about Health Care and the general Hugeness of Government and it's spending. Of course I enjoyed it! :) I am glad to see that other people are concerned too. Because ya, I am concerned. WAY!

Our government will only be as good as we demand it to be. I think that our Federal Government is too powerful and therefore susceptible to big time corruption. I think power needs to be returned to the States. I am not sure if I will make any difference, but I have decided that I will try.


Kelly said...

You are inspiring!

George and Eva Ross said...

Awesome! Go for it. Get involved.