Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Traveling Grandma

Last night we went out to dinner. It was a fun resturant where you could eat peanuts and throw them on the floor.

You could draw on the floor with chalk.

But that's not the reason we went there. We went for this special lady:
Grandma Kristine has been wanting to go to Denver to visit Kip and his family. And this morning she hopped a plane and headed out. Our kids are going to really, really miss her. She is always around to listen to how their day went and slip them a treat. They will miss watching cartoons in her room and having her tidy up their rooms while they are at school.

I took Kristine to the airport this morning and I thought how tough it must be for her right now. She has lived with us since Christmas and has had a good attitude about being somewhat displaced. I know she will be in good hands at Kip's house, but I hope she knows that we look forward to having her back.

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