Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break 2010

This week has been our Spring Break. I have had a strange, unidentified feeling about it until recently. As I sat looking out the window at the falling snow, I had an epiphany. I realized that what I was feeling was an intense desire to punch Puxatony Phil right in his shadow casting little face. I am SICK of the 6 more weeks of winter we have been having!!!

We thought we would get out of town and head to sunny AZ, but as the time drew near, we felt like we needed to hang around home. It turned out that AZ was cool and rainy, so we weren't too sad. We also had some business things that needed our attention, so it was a good thing we were around. Well... good except for the whole cold, gloomy vibe we had going on here. And it just made it all the gloomier that we were calling it all Spring Break!

So we decided to embrace those 6 more weeks of winter. We packed up the car with our ski gear and our swimsuits. I know it seems like a bit of a contradiction, but not if you are going to Pagosa Springs. We had such a great time there a few weeks ago, we decided to take the whole darn family for some Spring Break fun. We drove on the snowy roads up to Wolf Creek where the fog was laying on the mountains. But we didn't let that deter us, we geared up and hit the slopes.

Wolf Creek was awesome! Gabe and Seth took a run with the fam before seeking out some steeper terrain. Elise opted to stay with John and I as we skied with the little guys. Jackson and Jebb did so well on the soft, ungroomed runs. Elise was a great little instructor and I just grinned all day watching them all ski together. They found a little trail through the trees and a couple of bumps they called jumps. :) After we got lunch in the lodge, some of us whom will not be named (OK, me) were feeling at peace with the idea of being done skiing for the day. Elise and the little guys joined me in going to the car where we got comfy (i.e. busted out the M&M's and Nintendos). John took the big boys up for a few big runs.

Apperently, it was OUTSTANDING! Not only did they ski off the cornice, but they also hiked up to Alberta Peak (thanks for the tip Chris!) and had an epic run. John was beside himself giddy telling me how awesome the boys did. Seth was apparently a little hesitant, but he went for it and nailed it! The big boys talked and smiled ear to ear all the way back to Pagosa where we checked into The Springs. What an awesome was to end a ski day! We soaked before walking across the river for dinner, then returned to soak again into the night.

What an great day! This morning we awoke and after getting hot chocolate for everyone, we returned to soak again.

I wasn't ready to go. I was having one of those really great moments this morning. (The Springs is made up of a bunch of separate hot tubs fed by the natural hot spring. They are all varying sizes and temperatures and they all feed into the San Juan River which runs along the property.) I was sitting in a pool where I could see the kids going from pool to pool. The pool I was in has a waterfall running into it, so you can't really hear anything. All I had was the visual.

I watched Gabe wade out to the icy river and completely submerge himself before hastily scrambling into a hot tub to warm up again. Gabe never cares if anyone is looking, he always challenges himself to see if he can do something, and he was true to form this morning. I loved looking. I watched Seth walk to the river and put a foot in. He went back to the hot tub. I saw him go back a few minutes later and force himself to sit down in the river up to his neck before jumping up and running back to the warmth. I watched Jackson watching Seth. He followed behind him. When Seth put his feet in, Jackson followed and dipped in a foot. When Seth went all the way in, Jackson watched. After Seth jumped out, Jackson went in and sat down in the river up to his waist. Watching Seth have the courage to take the dip gave Jackson the courage to follow him. I then watched Elise walking with Jackson and Jebb, holding hands with both of them. When Jackson slipped on the bridge, I saw her help him up and get down so she could see him eye-to-eye, making sure he was alright. I saw Jebb put his little hand on Jackson's cheek in obvious concern for him. Jackson nodded his head, and the three of them continued across the slippery bridge.

I watched all of he kids hanging out together, and with only the sound of the waterfall, I could easily imagine that they were only speaking kind and loving words to one another. ;) Could they have been fighting? It's highly probable. But I couldn't see it, and I certainly couldn't hear it. (Sidenote: I am thinking I need to walk around with an ipod recording of a waterfall and if the kids start picking on each other, I will just turn up the volume and smile at their darling faces.) The kids would all come over to my waterfall-bliss-bubble-tub at different times to check in with me, and then they were off again trying to get as much hot tub time in as possible before the inevitable. When it was finally time to check out and go back home, we stretched our outing out a little longer and had a late breakfast together at a local joint. The food was so, so good. And the kids were so, so good. What could be better?

So now we are home again and although winter is still hanging around, I somehow have hope that Spring will indeed come. Thanks family for a really great winter outing! I no longer feel the need to punch Puxatony Phil, although I might want to still have some firm words with him.

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Kelly said...

Sounds awesome! I haven't been to Wolf Creek in a long time.