Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shred, Baby

The kids had such a great time skiing yesterday, they wanted to go again today. Since we were already firmly into the afternoon, we decided to take a radical course. We thought this would be a great day for the 3 oldest kids to do something they have been wanting to do for a loooooong time. We decided to let them go snowboarding at our awesome Chapman Hill. John used to tell them that they could try snowboarding as soon as they were able to ski everywhere he could. I knew that day would never really come as John is an amazing and crazy skier. So we relented and decided to let them go for the Shred! The kids were all pretty optimistic about how it would go, so John tried to prepare them mentally for lots of face plants and knee knockers. John took them to rent boards and they headed to the Hill (how awesome to have a ski hill right in town!!)

John gave them a few pointers and they grabbed the tow rope. It took less than an hour for John to call me..... ECSTATIC!! (Brag Alert) Apparently they were doing FABULOUS!! John was pleasantly surprised and called a few times just to tell me how well they were doing. They shredded for about 2 hours and John took these short videos with our little camera.

This is Gabe after about an hour. He is already hooking together heel and toe side turns! I guess wakeboarding on the boat must cross over.

Elise is such a great sport! I love this clip of her saying 'Cowabunga!'

This is Seth hitting a couple of jumps. ;)

One last clip of Gabe taking a couple of jumps.

They all did so well that we have decided to let them all try boarding sometime soon on the big mountain....


meegz said...

Good for them! Garrett had his 4th grade ski field trip last month and yup, much to our surprise....he got it..boarding!?! Who knew. It's so fun to see your kids do well at something.:)

Kelly said...

I couldn't be more proud of them!! Seriously they are doing awesome. I love it. Someday I'll have to tell you about my experience snowboarding with a tow rope. Let's just say your kids are way ahead of me!

Mom's Thoughts said...

Love the clips! They are awesome (clips and snowboarders)!