Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chapman Hill

There are some fun benefits to living in a ski town. On a Tuesday night you can go downtown, and for just $8, you can ride a rope up a groovy little ski hill as many times as you want. What a terrific way for people to learn to ski without having to fork out the serious dough up on the mountain! The Young Men did a skiing activity tonight at Chapman Hill and since John had to drive them there anyway, he decided to take the little guys. After I dropped Elise at Achievement Days, I went down the road a few blocks to the ski hill and took some photos.

For most of the time I have lived here, we have been in a drought. There were winters when there was rarely snow on the ground all winter. John used to tell me how it wasn't always that way. In years past I have seen Chapman Hill with it's tow rope, void of snow winter after winter. But now they say the decade long drought has started to abate. And we have snow. LOTS of snow! I have driven past the HIll on my way to the church and have thought, "Hm, we need to go try that out..." and I am so glad that we did! The little guys had a blast (I think the big boys had fun too, they worked on their 'tricks')!!

I guess if Spring isn't here yet, I need to continue to embrace the snow. Thanks Chapman Hill for helping to make winter fun!!


Laurene Ross said...

So awesome that you can just go to town and do that. We have several families in our ward that put their kids in ski lessons every winter, but they have to take the ferry {35 min} then drive another hour and fifteen minutes to get there, everyday for eight weeks. I don't think I could do it:)

Laurene Ross said...

Not everyday.....every Saturday For eight weeks....sorry.

Kelly said...

I love Chapman Hill. I totally learned to ski there! And then in high school I spent a lot of time running up it. Not so much fun, but still makes me smile!