Sunday, February 7, 2010


I live in a house full of boys. When there is a quiet moment (this is rare) it seems that those boys find some way to do a contest or measurement of physical skill. Or they wrestle. Tonight they amused themselves with seeing how high they could jump. We have an area in our room the has 10' ceilings and they were trying to jump up and reach it (a basketball rim is also 10' BTW). Oh, and by 'boys,' I mean Gabe, Seth and John. ;) I sat and watched their shenanegans for a while, then got a small crayon out of my drawer and walked over to where they were. I stood flat footed on the ground, reached up my arm, and wrote a small line on the wall with said crayon. Gabe and Seth looked at me wide-eyed. No one spoke. I looked into their eyes for a moment and tried to hide a grin. I then looked straight ahead and jumped. As I did, i reached as far as I could with my crayon, and I put up a 'high mark' with my crayon. Seth's mouth literally dropped open and Gabe blurted out something like, "Mom, you just wrote on the wall with a crayon!" As if he were informing me of something I did not know.

I just laughed and handed John the crayon. "What's your vertical?" I casually asked. John didn't miss a beat and immediately marked his flat footed height. Of course by now I had out my camera:
Both boys were very anxious to show us how high they could jump and we proceeded to mark up the wall pretty well.

John wasted no time getting out the tape measure and the boys spent a long time trying to best themselves. Now I have to figure out how I am going to get up there with the Magic Eraser.


Mom's Thoughts said...

Good luck! but, what a fun activity!

Laurene Ross said...

I love when you can surprise your kids with stuff like writing on the wall with a crayon. They will always remember that.

Mimi said...

They will always remember that with a good fun family feeling! I just read about that vertical jump measurement the other I've seen it done!