Monday, February 15, 2010

Still in Town

It's now the end of long holiday weekend and we are still in town. I guess we had some pretty great reasons to stay. One big reason was for this guy:This was Seth's first opportunity to pass the Sacrament at church as a Deacon. He would have passed for the first time last week, but we got snowed out. It was so wonderful to see him pass. It was a happy-mom moment having two sons participate in this special Sunday Ordinance.

There was another event that got snowed out last week and it was the baptism of cute little friend Karver. She sure looked pretty in her white dress and it was great to attend her baptism after church.

Today was President's Day and DMR (the ski resort) was having a locals day-$25 lift tickets. We sent Gabe and Seth up with some friends (thanks Francoms!) and John and I took the other 3 kids to exotic, lovely Farmington, NM. We mostly just went to dink around and hang out together. After a yummy lunch at Costa Vida, we hit the mall. Dillard's was having a sale and we found a little somethin' for everyone.

I have to post these pictures of Jebb. He actually saw an outfit he wanted really, really badly. It was a shirt/sweater vest/pant combo and it was, well, not super cute. But the guy LOVES sweater vests and he begged to just try it on. Because the set was only $12, I relented and he put the shirts/vest on in the dressing room. He asked if he could PLEASE buy it. I of course cannot resist him and I agreed. He then asked if he could wear it for the rest of our day in Farmington. Shoot, why not?! He was sooo excited! The shirt and pants are actually pretty cool, but the vest...I'm not as big of a fan as Jebb.

I posted this first pic because he cannot keep his eyes open when I use the flash. It is so weird to can his eyelids be faster than the speed of light? Strange, but we did several and got this same result.

I then told him to try opening his eyes really big and this is the result. Normal eyes with big eyebrow lift. Anyhoo. Of course I still think he is ridiculously adorable. ;)

It was a really fun day and after spending the kid's college education at Sam's Club, we got ice cream cones for the drive home. Perfect!

Tonight the Young Adults in our ward capped off the weekend by bringing by some cookies for Grandma Kristine. I thought that was just so sweet!

Although it wasn't some great get-away weekend, it was still a great weekend. I am so grateful for my family and for my good husband. I am glad he is my Valentine!


Kelly said...

I was totally laughing reading this. I am not a fan of sweater vests but I actually thought Jebb looked really cute. I mean, it wasn't that bad. He's got good taste! Jerry and Matt also do the eye things. I drives me bonkers. I mean how hard is it to keep your eyes open?? Let me know if you find any tricks!

Mimi said...

Loved this entry! Jeb is adorable (I like the sweater vest..reminds me of Will when he was that age (if you can imagine!). And I LOVED it that the young adults came to visit Kristine with great of them! Thanks for sharing's the only way I keep up with you guys!