Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Town

This is President's Day weekend and we have no school next Monday. I was SO excited as we had planned to go to St George, UT for a little 4wheeling fun in the sun. I could imagine myself cruising in the 60-70 degree temperatures over the red rocks. I thought I would wear a hoodie and some big sunglasses. I even thought I would bring some flip-flops for hanging out at the hotel. It was going to be great!

But it wasn't meant to be. Our weekend was just too full of good stuff, so we decided to stay in town.

Friday night was a ward party for the grown ups. There were games, dancing, good food, and friends. It was a fun night. I was asked to take pics of everyone that came. I got lots of great shots, but I will just put up the one of John and I (I will put the other pics in my Blurb book, but I always wonder how people would feel about me posting pics of them...?).

On Saturday morning, the primary had a pajama party/breakfast. I was in charge of games. We popped balloons. Kids love to pop balloons. I didn't get pics.

After that, we went to Seth's b-ball game. The little guys are troopers, they get dragged to lots of sporting events. Since it was our staycation, I let them bring their DS's. They get SO into them.
Seth's rec team did pretty well. They beat a tough Bayfield team-it was close. This is Seth making a basket-that's his blurry arm shooting the ball. I am NOT a sports photographer as I am very lazy-you don't get great shots from the stands. But I do try to make up for it by cheering a lot. :)

The little guys didn't last the whole game. They both fell asleep before it was all over.

It was a good power nap that recharged them enough to go see the new 'Lightning Theif' movie. I totally enjoyed it. Keeping with the staycation theme, we then hit Denny's for our dining pleasure.
I have to admit that although there were no red rocks, it was such a great day and a fun dinner. We talked and laughed and left without doing any dishes. Our kids are growing so fast and I guess it's all good as long as we get to hang together!

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Lucy said...

Did you have a primary activity on Saturday? Our Elder's Quorum had an overnighter on Friday. I am not a fan of church activities on holiday weekends. I hope the breakfast at the church wasn't your idea, or I'd feel really bad. If it was - wow, that fruit looks yummy!:)