Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Lengths

Up until just recently, my boys haven't given much thought to their hair. When it got long enough to be annoying, they sought out a buzz from their dad. While styling was a tiny part of their preference, function was the main driver behind the cut.

But I now have a teen. Who is concerned about his hair. It's a new thing that I tried to embrace.

Gabe decided to grow his hair out this year and if you look at my header, you can get an idea of how it looked around the Holidays. It was a pretty good length back then. I guess I should just say up front that I do NOT love long hair on boys. It's just a personal preference thing. Anyhoo. Fast forward a few months, and Gabe's hair was getting a little raggedy. When he played basketball it was especially disheveled. I found a pic from the end of January:
Last week I convinced him to let me cut his hair. John is our usual barber in the family, but I have done a few male cuts in my day (I used to cut hair in college now and then...sometimes good, sometimes bad...). Much to my surprise, Gabe readily agreed.

So I cut.

I thought I did a pretty good job, but Gabe and John both thought it was not the best. More acurately, they thought it was bad--in a bad way. As hard as I tried, I couldn't convince Gabe it looked good. Our conversations went like this.

Me, "Gabe, it looks really good!"
Gabe, "Uh, no. It doesn't."
Me, "Yes it does! You are so handsome!"
Gabe, "Mom. Sorry. It looks bad."

Well, I certainly did not agree. Here's a picture of the haircut I gave him. (OK, John may have touched it up a little before church, but not much.) The look on his face tells the story:

John kindly and wisely intervened and booked Gabe a professional haircut at a swanky place downtown. Smart husband. They made the appointment into a little father/son outing. Gabe got home and was really excited. Although he had gone short, he was still pleased at the stylish wave up front, sort of faux-hawk-esque. John even bought him a fancy styling product. Here is the result:

Man I love those blue eyes!! So he woke up this morning and styled his new do and headed to school. When he got home this afternoon I asked him if anyone noticed his new hairstlye.

"Yep. Everyone hated it."
"WHAT?! Surely they didn't HATE it."
"Ya they did. Everyone said I looked way better with long hair."

The funny thing was, as he told me about it, he was chuckling. HE liked his hair and he truly didn't seem to mind the opinion of the general Middle School public. He did finally admit that several people liked it too. And now I will finally admit that it wasn't the best haircut that I gave him. I am really glad he wasn't mad at me! Although hair always grows out, I think it would be wise for me to leave it to the pros in the future!


Laurene Ross said...

I like it short too or else really long. I like to see the eyes, they tell all:) I think Gabe looks great, but this is probably not great coming from someone so

meegz said...

Philip and I heard a comedian the other day talking about Mom's who think they can cut hair.
"What makes every Mom think she can cut hair when she hasn't had a day of schooling? She gets out those orange handled scissors from the junk drawer, you know, the ones you use to open popsicles, and she think she can cut hair!".....he went on and was hilarious, hilarious only because it's true. My boys are just excited to go to Great Clips instead of outside in the backyard.:)

Cajsa said...

Yeah, we have the hair dilemma at our house as well. Wyatt loves his hair long (and so do I) but dad doesn't. He HATES getting it cut, afraid I'll cut to much. I just tell him he's lucky not to have dad cutting his hair. BTW Gabe looks great with either style. Must be the good genes!

Kelly said...

I think your cut looks good. I'm not a huge fan of long hair on boys either and I thought your cut was a nice compromise. Oh well. I'm glad he had fun with his dad!

Sue said...

I think you're funny. I think Gabe's hair looks great.
I grew up with a mom who had strong preferences about how long MY hair should be, and just decided that it's not a big deal for me if one of my kids wants to grow their hair out.
The really funny thing is that Taylor cut his bangs way down to his scalp in December so his whole head had to be buzzed. He has such thick, coarse hair that now that it's short he just looks like a Chia pet. Bring back the long!