Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting My Facts Straight

Fact 1: I am a cheapskate. While I enjoy quality stuff, I enjoy it so much more if I felt like I got a good deal on it.

Fact 2: I am a gal that has cold feet. And I have found UGGS to be a warm and cozy solution.

These two facts seem to be somewhat at odds in my simple mind because while UGGS are oh so pleasant, they are fairly pricey. Sure you can get a pair of boots that are similar, but I appreciate the whole "Made in New Zealand" from authentic Aussie Sheepskin. I have actually owned a pair of UGGS for probably 5 years and I wear them fairly often. They are warm and comfortable, but they are pink. Yes, light pink. John got them for me when he came acrossed them 70% off at Nordstrom (he bought them unsure if I would like them, as he too loves a deal). What a sweetheart and while I love him, I don't love the color light pink for my daily footwear.

I honestly cannot count how many times since that day that my generous husband has strongly encouraged me to buy another pair. He even went so far as to actually buy me a pair for Christmas. Sadly, they were too big (I never thought that would be a problem I would face in a pair of boots...). John wasn't really concerned knowing I could simply exchange them for the pair I really wanted. I have to admit I was a little relieved when the store didn't have my size and the store had to refund the full purchase price. Although I was still UGGless, I didn't mind returning them as John had paid full price for them.

I knew I could find some Uggs, someplace, somehow, at a better price. I could have warm feet and feel like I got a deal. So I began to search. I found a pair I liked on Zappos.com (this is such a great site BTW, they have every shoe ever made and the ship overnight! Love it!) but it was only slightly discounted. I honed my search and narrowed it down to this brown pair (thank you Zappos for the pic). The Sundance II baby. The brown color I was looking for, the sturdy soles, and that yummy sheepskin to wrap my feet in warmth and furry joy. Oh ya!!
So three weeks ago, I found them. The Sundance II-retail price $225, yes, $225-I found them for $90. That's 60% off!! I was super stoked and I immediately ordered them. Three weeks ago. And I waited. Three weeks.

By week two I started to think I had been scammed. My card was charged moments after I placed my order, and I was not seeing the Sundance II arrive at my doorstep. At the end of three weeks, when I got a little card in my mailbox letting me know I had a package, I was hesitantly hopeful. Could they really finally be here?

Sure enough, three weeks after I had placed my order, there they were!! I was so excited! I went to open the box and I noticed that there was a lot of strange writing on the invoice. It looked Asian. Upon closer examination, I noticed it came from China. China? Why would they ship my Aussie UGGS by way of China? Weird.
Pulling them out of the box, they seemed to have all the right stuffing and papers congratulating me on my purchase.
They were the right color, but they looked...Off. It must just be my imagination. I examined them closer. They looked pretty good. UGG labels in the right places.

But I found a few things that gave me pause. The sheepskin detail on my boots looked different than the picture, the fur itself even had a different look. And they seemed kinda, well, pointy.
I dug deeper and read the label:If you look closely, you can see three little words "Made in China"

Made in China?! UGGS are a wonder from Down Under! What in the world?! Why would there be a Made in China label in my authentic Aussie footwear?

I think I have been taken. I think I have purchased a knock-off!

Maybe it is time for me to consider a new fact:
You get what you pay for!


meegz said...

Oh dear, this is probably what you are thinking about your bag!!! I PROMISE I'm making it. I have been SWAMPED and now I'm invited to head to the WPPI in Vegas and make about 500 straps, yes you heard me 500!!! So....to my paying customer I say...I REALLY AM TRYING!!!:)

Oh and yes, I think you got scammed.:)

Team Caldwell said...

Hey! It's like they say in Mexico. Come on lady you need to buy. It's REAL imitation Gucci!

Lucy said...

They looked good on you. Hope the last a long, long time. Like, at least a month.

Kelly said...

Oh!! That is a huge bummer!