Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Get Away

Friday morning after dropping the kids off for school and tying up a few loose ends, John and I hopped into the car and headed East.
We made slow progress as Mother Nature let loose with the white stuff. We were headed to Pagosa to meet up with some friends of ours. Our plan was to ski at Wolf Creek then soak in the Hot Springs. We had a small snafu on Wed night when my b-balling husband pulled a hamstring while chasing down a 20-year-old-lightning-fast-guy during his rec. league game. His plan changed from 'Pounding the Powder' to 'Reading in the Lodge.' He was pretty bummed, but was a great sport. We made it up to Wolf Creek and the snow was really coming down. We decided that we were feeling like fair weather skiiers and bailed off the mountain. (Sidenote: I feel kinda sorry for Dave and Lori. I fear the mountain lost some of it's appeal when they assessed their options...with a crippled guy (John) and a lousy skiier (Me), the powder isn't as appealing.)

But don't feel sad for us because the day only got better from there. We headed into Pagosa and had lunch at Tequilla's (YUM!) It sits just across the San Juan River from the famous Pagosa Hot Springs. If you look close, you can see them in the background. They are a bunch of hot-pots heated by the natural hot spring located there. This was our destination for the rest of the day.

We checked into the hotel where they give you these nifty bathrobes to wear. You wear them over your swimsuits and flip-flops, then you walk through the falling snow from pot to pot.
The pots are all different temperatures from around 99-111 degrees. They overlook the beautiful river and it is awesome but weird to be sitting out in the falling snow while feeling wet and toasty warm. The springs have a distinct aroma, but I like to think that the sulfur smell just adds to the charm. ;)

As we sat in a delightful 101 degrees, we noticed an old guy wandering down to the river. He not only dipped his toe in the almost freezing cold river, but submerged himself up to his neck!! Then he sat, and sat, and sat there. I couldn't even watch it seemed so painful, but it was only a minute before John and Dave decided to give it a try. They had one brief dip before really settling in. Lori and I decided getting our legs in the river was enough and we left the men to their misery.

We stayed the night at the Springs and soaked again in the morning until we had to check out. It was DELIGHTFUL! Dave and Lori were super great to hang out with and we were so glad they let us tag along on their pilgrimage to the Springs. John and I had such a good time. Sometimes you forget how much you love hanging out with your hubby and this was the perfect reminder for us. We laughed and ate and talked and soaked and ate. It was just what we needed.

I think I will remember this trip for a while. Not only was it really fun, but I think I am still oozing sulfur from my pores! :)


Kim Hannay said...

How romantic! Sounds divine.

Heidi said...

That is exactly what Aaron and I need! Looks so nice. I miss the Springs. that was one of our favorite spots to go in Colorado.

Lucy said...

Lovely. It really looks fun.