Friday, January 8, 2010


If you have known a Mormon for any length of time, you might know that they have a strange compulsion to hoard wheat and other grains in the dark corners of their homes. I too, was one of those Mormons. I got wheat. I stored it. I felt warm fuzzies knowing it was in the basement.

But I didn't ever DO anything with it. I just enjoyed seeing it when I went into the storage room to get something I actually DID use, like chocolate chips or a giant bottle of ranch dressing.

Until last year. I actually learned how to grind my wheat and turn it into really yummy bread. And I have continued to do it. Funny thing is, if you use up that wheat, you eventually have to replace it (if you want to remain a Molly Mormon, which of course I do).

So when I saw the ward bulletin letting me know there was wheat available, I ordered several hundred pounds. In the past I have canned it in #10 cans, which is just the right amount to make 5 loaves of bread all at once in my Bosch. As fun as it is to make the empty cans into pyramids in the garage, I decided to go with a 'bulk'ier storage method.

I am so glad I did. Did you know it takes (3) 50lb. bags of wheat to fill (2) buckets? I now know that. Did you know it only takes like 30 seconds to open and dump said 50lb bag of wheat? Putting the wheat into containers was a snap. We did it in our house because it is stinking freezing outside.

Once it's all in the buckets, you just add 5 oxygen absorbers, pop on your lid, and you are DONE! Easy! I gotta tell you, it feels really good to take those buckets to the basement to 'store.' If you are thinking of storing food, don't wait. It is fast and easy! Anyone can do it and it makes you feel SO good!

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Lucy said...

It looks saving:) I'm happy that you now have plenty of wheat to make your delicious bread.

meegz said...

You should chat with my Mom about this --- she's in wheat heaven too. I have it, but no grinder..hmmm? what to do? oh yeah, save for a Grinder!!:)

Kelly said...

I totally want a wheat grinder. I'm so glad you got it all stored so easily. good for you. I'm working on my 3 month supply and this is a great website...

Laurene Ross said...

We did that, but used dry ice. It worked, but Skip put a little too much dry ice in some and I have to use a power drill to let the pressure out before I can open the lids. At least we have the wheat:)

Heidi said...

That is awesome! I really need to get my shelves up so I have a place to put my food storage. I would love to get your bread recipe. :) Heidi