Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is Working Well on Wednesday

As a parent you want so much for your children. You want them to be happy, healthy, and well adjusted (plus about a million other details!). A great challenge of parenting is finding the things WORK for your family and, more specifically, your child. I decided I want to be more aware of not only where we want to be headed, but what strategies we are having success with.

This brings up another challenge of parenting. What motivates one child might have absolutely no affect on another. Even more confusing, what works today might be an absolute flop only a short time later. Kids are crazy like that! Because of this, we need to constantly be on our parenting game, looking for winning strategies. I certainly have a tendency to slack off or switch to cruise control if there aren't any major hiccups.

Each morning we read the Book of Mormon before we go to school. This often consists of me reading half a dozen verses as the kids put on their coats and backpacks. Not ideal. Especially for our 2 youngest. Not only can they not read on their own, but they don't usually understand what we are reading about. Although it is not sounding like it, this brings us to what is working well today.

SCRIPTURE STUDY WITH THE YOUNGER KIDDOS: Twice a week we go to school early so Elise can attend orchestra. By putting the Book of Mormon Reader in the pocket behind my seat, we are able to read the stories from the BofM. We have already been through the book once this year by reading only twice a week! One thing that is making it even better is when I figured out I should have Gabe or Seth (our big boys) read the stories to J&J (the littles). Both of the older boys read the BofM on their own, but this way they are relearning the stories and the lessons that are sometimes hard to glean.

The Book of Mormon Reader is fabulous. If you don't have it, you should get one today! Until the, you can find a link to the online version HERE.

The scriptures are so important. It is how God speaks to us. I hope that I can help my children become familiar with them so they can be strong in the Faith. So we will keep having the older kids read the BofM Reader to the younger kids for as long as it is Working Well.


George and Eva Ross said...

Howdy Daughter, (Dad here)
I love reading your posts so much!!! But since you don't always post every day, I sometimes skip a few days and then need to catch up. What a gifted writer you are. You remind me of a cross between Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck... only funnier, yet more serious.

A couple of thoughts: How would you like to have an old man run with you at the 10k? I'm sure I would be unable to keep up with you but we could have fun together. There is one problem, however, my heels have been really bothering me lately. If I walk too much, they get very sore. I am trying a few things to get past the problem.

Now, regarding your comment that you are a terrible runner. NOT TRUE!! I remember watching you as a young woman, running along with such incredible grace and speed that I simply stood and marveled. You have a gift. Once you start to work out, it will become evident.

Keep posting, even though it makes me laugh so hard that it may be hazardous to my health.


meegz said...

Good insights!
We did the BOM Reader for years, we just barely moved to the "real deal" the start of this school year. We each read 3 verses and chat about them. One thing we adopted from our neighbors is to end our devotional by singing the primary song that they are learning that month. I'm loving this months!:)

Keep up the good work -- and yeah, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't -- we just need to enjoy the times it does.:)

Nicole said...

I know I have told you this before, but the way we have been reading our scriptures for a couple of years now is in the morning at breakfast. My children are seldom a captive audience as a group. Except when they are eating! While they eat, I read aloud. When they finish, we usually discuss a bit and squeeze in our family prayer before they all scatter to find shoes, backpacks, and homework. We have been able to get through the BofM almost three times in the last 4 years. It works for us for now. (=

meegz said...

Here's another idea my friend told me about. I can't bring myself to it -- but it sounds good.
They have their kids lay out their clothes the night before, wake up at 6:30 and be downstairs for Scriptures at 6:45. If they are on time for scriptures, dressed and ready M-Th, then Mom and Dad do their chores for them on Friday. Seems to work for them.
Us personally, I can barely open the slits in my eyes by 8 AM for our's just whatever works.:) But I like the chore bribe...uh, I mean, positive reinforcement.:)

Kelly said...

Look at me a little blog commenter! Anyway, I love the picture book. Each morning we read a page. I love that the kids are learning the stories. But, like you, I coast along and now I'm starting to think that Matt should start reading the real BofM. But I don't know how to work it all in, so I haven't done it yet. Kids of different ages is going to be so hard. Glad I have you for some ideas!