Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowdown 2010

Tonight was the annual Snowdown Parade. John took the big kids and I took this pic before they left. This year's theme was 'Life's a Beach,' hence the swimming clothing. There are festivities that go on for several days, but we don't attend too many things. The parade is always at night and lots of hot air balloons are in it. It's super cool when they fire up the burners as they go by (it's warm too!) Sadly, the camera died and John only got one shot at the actual parade.

I had a parenting moment tonight when everyone got home. Gabe hopped on my bed and told me about some of his friends he ran into at the parade. His buddies were with some 8th grade girls that had apparently busted into their parent's liquor cabinet. They mixed a bunch of OJ and vodka up to drink while they were at the parade. Gabe said he realized what was going on and that the girls were drunk, so he told his friends, 'I'm outta here.' Well, his buddies actually left with him. Shwew.

Of course I was a little wide-eyed, but also glad that Gabe removed himself from that situation. I was talking with my little sis about it and we laughed a little bit sharing stories of our own experiences at Gabe's age. I guess this is the time when all kids are going to test the waters and see where they want to be. The choices they make right now are so important, even though they are deceptively innocent seeming. Of course I hope my kids continue to make good choices, but if they don't, I hope they will 'course correct' without too much carnage. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a parent, but I realize more and more how important it is to be an engaged one. I pray that I will be up to the task.

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad he left. What a good kid! i laughed when I saw your title because all my facebook friends have been posting about Snowdown. Seriously, some people never grow up. Gabe's a lot more mature than some of them!!