Friday, January 22, 2010


WOWZA! It is really snowing, and snowing, and snowing. A lot. We are in the midst of a true winter storm. It has been snowing now for days and shows no signs of stopping and will not stop until tomorrow (or so we've heard). School was cancelled today and the kids enjoyed every minute of it, oh, well, most of it.

There is a darling quirky thing we have discovered about our home. During snowstorms that produce any significant accumulation, our well (the well we get our water from) shorts out and renders us waterless. It's always good for brushing up on our survival skills. Today we learned to fill the toilet tanks using this stuff...

And viola, we have water! The kids had fun helping me with this process for a while, but eventually grew tired of carrying buckets downstairs to fill the toilet tanks. So I helped them shift their focus. I got Elise and Jackson to go out and shovel off the trampoline.
And they did a great job until they got distracted by this guy. It looked a lot more fun to ride than to shovel.
John was trying to 'blaze a trail' for the 'well guy' who was coming to see if he could fix our lack-of-water problem. The snow is about 4 feet deep in the backyard. When John jumped of the snowmobile, he was instantly buried up to his waist. Crazy! Elise waded through the snow to check it all out.
After digging around for a while, they cleared a spot for the well guy to do his thing.
Hooray! You never realize how much you appreciate running water until it's gone for a while.

A few more snow shots. Seth stood out by our picnic bench which is a good place to see how much snow has fallen. This is from the last two days. It's kinda hard to tell, but his knee is at the same level at the top of the table.
Seth disappeared outside for a while before coming in to find me. He was excited to show me the snow cave he had built.
I love it when my kids enjoy playing out in the snow. I love it even more when I can get the water for the hot chocolate from the kitchen sink.

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Kelly said...

I have to admit I'm totally jealous. I don't think my kids will ever have a snow day or be able to build a snow cave in the backyard. I'm sure it's a pain for you with no water and all, but I really miss it! Looks like we need to come snowmobiling at Grandpa's. Too bad the roads are closed...