Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seth's Special Sunday

I am a happy mom today. Because he is 12, Seth was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood today. He has really taken this seriously and has done a lot to prepare. Earlier in the week, the Bishop asked him to speak in church and also asked him if he would recite his favorite Article of Faith in Primary. Seth agreed but was so, so nervous.

Seth was sitting up on the stand for his talk, and the Bishop had him come up to the podium to get his Primary Advancement certificate. Then, the Bishop asked Seth to go ahead and recite his Article of Faith. Sitting in the front of the chapel, we could see the panic flash on Seth's face. He calmly stepped to the mic and said he would recite the 13th A of F, which is the longest and most would say the most difficult. He raised his hand to grab the pulpit, and I could see it shaking. He had practiced this over and over as he had planned to share it in Primary, but when he went to say it, he only got out 'We believe...' He stopped, and paused. I drew my breath and waited, I could see he was drawing a blank. Then he took a deep breath. He said, 'No, I'm going to do a different one. I'm going to do the 1st." He then recited it flawlessly. He went on to give a nice talk about Faith in Christ before he was finally done. I think he was extremely relieved to be done!! I was extremely relieved to see him stop shaking and not pass out. :)

John was able to confer Seth with the AP. There are few things cooler than that for a wife and mom.

Sadly, the Martins had to head for home and we were sad to see them go. It makes times like this more special when you can share it with family. Overall, a great weekend! I am so grateful for the Gospel that teaches us the importance of family and teaches us the Plan of Salvation.


hendywow said...

Way to go Seth!

Dad's Thoughts said...

Hi, Papa Ross here,

I would like to comment on an earlier post - the one where Gabe made a good choice by removing himself from a potentially bad situation with the alcohol. I want Gabe to know how important that decision was! First, he saved himself... important. But he also influenced his male friends. And perhaps even more importantly, he made a statement to the girls who had the alcohol. It might not have penetrated immediately, but those girls will remember his example and it will help them with future decisions. I'm proud of you, Gabe!!!

Love Papa Ross

Mimi said...

Ditto to Papa Ross' comment! I think Gabe has a good handle on "things". And Seth..I'm so happy for you. That you are worthy to hold the priesthood, that your dad was able to ordain you, that you made it through the Sacrament Meeting talk:)...what a guy! Keep up the good work! Love you guys...Aunt Jan