Saturday, January 30, 2010

Martins Are in the House

Because of Seth's 12th birthday, the Martin Family came over from Page for the weekend. The Martins have 4 boys, so I will just say that it is often loud. :) I love it!! I snapped a couple of pics when they were indoors...
Rex, Jebb, and Jackson went to the upstairs cubby so they could pick their own movie to watch. These 3 hang pretty tight. I heard Jackson talking about Rex a few days earlier. He explained that when they got together they would play and play, then they would fight, then they would play some more. So true. Rex gets treated like a brother-good and bad! :)
When the older boys would come inside, they would warm up playing Rock Band. They wouldn't play too long, as they all like to play the drums (of course Gabe manages to play them often).

Elise and Bo hung put quite a bit this trip. Seth and Corbin were outside a large chunk of the time doing this type of stuff:

Although the little guys couldn't dig, they managed to find their own spot under the picnic table. It was perfect fo them!

When evening finally arrived, Seth was SO excited because it was FINALLY time to celebrate his birthday. This meant opening his presents (thanks for making me look bad btw Martins! ;)) He was especially excited to see what was in the big box that had been mailed to him by G&G Ross. It ended up being a special treasure box that Papa Ross had made for him. the letter was really cool and pretty funny--Seth read it to all of us. :) I think Papa has his work cut out for him as all of the grandkids are hoping they too will receive a special chest.

We blew out the candles, had some cake, and Grandma even let us get a picture of her with Seth. Then we put him thru the spanking machine! Good times. Luckily the kids were merciful. It was such a nice night and it was so fun to hang with the cousins. I think it was worth the wait for Seth-he had a great time.

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