Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a New Year

It's the New Year and I was wondering what to do for an FHE. Although I don't regularly set goals, I know that there is value in looking ahead to what you would like to improve or accomplish. So I thought it would be a good Monday Night activity. But what should we set goals about?

When I was in the MTC (about a million years ago) we had a lecture about 1 verse in the New Testament. It is the only verse that tells us about an unknown part of the Savior's life. We know He went to the temple when he was 12, then shortly after we read about his baptism and subsequent ministry. But for the 20 or so years between those events, we only have 1 verse. Luckily, there is a huge amount of food for thought in those few lines. It was this verse that I based our goal writing on.

It is found at the very end of the chapter:

Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man

We know that Jesus was perfect in every way, and this verse tells us that as he grew, he grew in 4 specific areas.

1) Wisdom = Intellectual
2) Stature = Physical
3) Favour with God = Spiritual
4) Favour with Man = Social

As we discussed this scripture, we enjoyed thinking about what Jesus would have been like in all of these areas. Not only was he perfectly spiritual and smart, but he was also perfect in physical and social ways. I think it helped the kids to think of him in more concrete terms. We talked about how he would have certainly been an amazing athlete and a really true friend. So these are the 4 areas we decided to focus on and we all tried to think of specific ways we could improve in these areas as the year went by.

Once everyone wrote out their goals, we put them up on the door that leads to the garage. This is my new favorite spot to stick stuff. It is the last thing we see before we head out to face the day. I should have made some fancy papers, but a piece of construction paper folded in 4's did the trick. I liked seeing what the kids came up with. Grandma Kristine put hers up as well. John and I were helping the little guys and did not make a paper for ourselves, but I too have some things I'd like to do this year as well.

Here are the goals I came up with for myself:

Intellectual = I would like to read 'Jesus the Christ' this year-I think I will start just before Easter. That's kind of a ways off-maybe I'd better come up with another intellectual goal to fill up the first quarter.

Physical = I would like to get in better physical shape this year so I have decided to enter the Bolder Boulder (a 10k up in Boulder, CO). This is during Memorial Day and I have a couple of friends who are doing it too. I am a terrible runner. Hate it. But I am doing it anyway.* :)

Spiritual = I would like to read the Book of Mormon this year before Memorial Day. I will start at the beginning.

Social = I will try to be friendly and kind in the morning. 'Sunshine' will be my middle name (it is currently Nagging Grump). I was impressed that the kids all chose goals to improve their social relationships with members of the family, so I would like to do that to.

None of my goals are too crazy and lofty, but they are all things I would like to work at. By putting them down on my Blog, I think I will be more likely to be held to them (OK, really, the running one is the only one that I would quit without accountability). I will write again after Memorial Day to report if I reached my goals. I will let you know then too if I have reformed my ways and will become a more regular Goal Setter.

*Today I actually dusted off the coat hanger that doubles as a treadmill and started my prep for the BB


Lanazydaisy said...

Oh, shelly buns!!! Its official...no turning back now baby! Boulder, Boulder...here we come. I love it...we're going to set some records sister! Does the song, "Let's get physic..., oh maybe that's not a good one. Anyway, yippee!

Kelly said...

I LOVE the BB. It's so fun. And there are so many people that do it, it's so easy to get caught up in the environment of running. And there are people of all running/walking levels so you will no doubt find your groove. And I love the memorial day celebration they do afterwards in the stadium. I hope you have good weather because it's fun to hang out and watch people finish and then watch the memorial stuff. I wish I would see you there, but I think Jerry really wants to ride the Iron Horse bike ride. Good luck running. Just do what feels like fun!
P.S. What a great sripture!