Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am a Woman of Leisure

I got a fun phone call the other day. My sweet friend Patty J called to see if I wanted to go skiing with a few gals. I had to think about it for about .002 seconds. Yes! I did want to go!

I haven't really skiied much since learning how a few years back. I did learn to snowboard when John and I first got married, but found it difficult to go once we started having kiddos. Once those same kiddos got big enough to ski themselves, I decided I'd better learn so I wouldn't be the only non-skiier in the family. So back in '06 I took a women's ski clinic on Wednesdays. I had never, ever been skiing before that (I am a true Arizona girl I guess!)!

Patty and Lanae were actually registered for the same Wed. clinic. It was so fun to see them up there each week. Here we all are back then.

Flash forward to 2010....

Lucy came along today as well, making it a fun foursome. I got this pic of us on the chair lift. My head looks enormous and literally overshadows everyone else--how rude! Anyhoo. The weather was ideal and it was SO not crowded. Perfect...except for the fact that I need a new ski outfit--mine is so 2006. ;)

I had a really great morning up on the mountain. For my first day of the season (other than bunny-hilling it with the littles) it couldn't have been better. I only went once last year and I gotta say it, I was feeling it in the ol' quads!! But oh how sweet it was! How lucky am I to be able to enjoy a day like that?! I have to give a special thanks to my good husband, John (poor guy sent me a text on his way to a meeting, way to keep your nose to the ol' grindstone babe--someone has to support my lifestyle!)


M&T said...

looks like good fun! never been in snow before. if thats how you say it.

Lucy said...

Hey, you tell John we worked. We worked it!

I had a ball. Thanks for spending such a glorious day in the sun and snow with me.