Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Afternoon

Not only is it the day leading into the weekend, Friday is also the day that Jebb gets to stay home from preschool and he and I get to hang out together. John let Jebb and I tag along when he went to visit a job sight. The crew is building a bigger bridge acrossed this creek. The photos aren't very good, but I wasn't allowed to go near the sight without a hard hat.

John too had no hard hat, so he and Jebb visit about the job from a distance. I think it's going all right, it's hard to tell from far away. ;)

Fridays are also early release at school, so we hustled home to meet the bus.

The best thing about Friday Afternoon is that it means we will soon all be together for the weekend. I like hanging out with my family and I am glad they still like hanging out with me-I hope it lasts. :)

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