Saturday, January 23, 2010

Burn Bling

Last night as I was cooking dinner...wait I should just stop right there and say, I have been cooking dinner a lot lately. What is going on? I need to eat out more. I think this post will illustrate why. OK, moving on. So last night. Me. Cooking.

I heated up some olive oil and plunked some chicken into it. There was apparently some ice on it, and it proceeded to splatter like crazy. I reached for the pan to move it from the stove, and a large boiling drop (a large drop, mind you) of olive oil popped up onto my palm, near my thumb. Yeeouch! It burned. After the though occurred to me to just turn off the flame with the knob on the stove, I did so, then I washed off the oil. It still burned. A lot. I don't like burns, dang it!

I held ice on the spot as I continued to cook dinner. Then once dinner was done (we had fettuchine alfredo, chicken, and veggies-yum!), I continued to keep a tight grip on a piece of ice while we ate. It still hurt. boohoo. What could I do? After loading the dishes, I decided to turn to one of my favorite sites for tips and advise on just about any illness or health problem. Earth Clinic has all kinds of cool solutions for what ails you.

I went straight to the 'ailment' section under the letter B and sure enough, I found an amazing fix for my burn. At first read, it seemed strange, even outrageous! But as I thought about it for a moment, I realized the pure GENIUS that was this cure.

Aluminum Foil. Yes, aluminum foil! Crazy, right?!! Aluminum foil? How can it help a burn? Well, it happens to be an outstanding conductor of heat. When you put it against something hot, it will conduct any heat from the point of contact until it can't hold anymore thermal energy. The stored energy then dissapates into a cooler mass (usually air) so more can be conducted from the heat source. In other words, if you put the foil on your burn, the heat gets wicked out into the air. I was getting ready to cut up my aloe vera plant, so before I did, I thought I'd give this a shot. The science made sense!

I don't know if I explained that very well, so I thought I should show pictures.

I wrapped the foil around my thumb to kind of hold it in place on my palm. Look how shiny! So lovely.

I then tried a sleeker styling. Less foil, but still immensely effective. How about that BLING, baby?! Pretty flashy, huh?

I know it sounds odd, but it REALLY did work!! I felt the relief almost instantly and after about a half an hour, I took the foil off and my palm didn't hurt any more! Pretty cool! In fact, I thought it looked so cool, I just might start wearing foil around all the time.

Bling badda Bling and no more BURN!


Brooke said...

Haha! You are too cute, and thanks for the tip! I would have never thought of this, but it makes perfect sense. I am always burning myself in the kitchen... so this will come in handy!

hendywow said...

That's Amazing! I am always having kitchen accidents,It's known around here how prone I am to them.. I have never heard the foil idea, but I am totally going to use this idea! Thanks!

Laurene Ross said...