Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve 2009

Since we moved into this home in 2003, we have had a New Years shin-dig. It usually involves kids with families, freezing cold temperatures, pinatas, bubble wrap, yummy food, resolutions, and tons of highly dangerous explosives and burning things (usually heavily mixed with aforemetioned kids). Oh what fun we had! We missed last year as we were in Utah, but we decided a couple of nights ago that we needed a little more firey danger in our lives. So in our typical last minute manner, we invited over some brave souls (mostly some families of our kid's friends) to ring in the New Year. (Note: We are getting old, and many of our kids are still young. This can present a problem when you are celebrating an occasion that requires you to stay awake into the wee hours. We therefore have made it our habit to celebrate the East Coast New Year at 10:00p CO time.)

While the friends and food are pleasant at a NY get together, our most colorful and sparkly part of the night is the awesome firework show that John puts on each year. Grandma Kristine manages to keep us flush in fireworks at ALL times, and we pull out the best ones to mark the start of a new year. I did not get any pics of the fireworks as I was comforting our dog, Daisy. She is terrified of fireworks, but everyone reported that they were the best yet. :) The finale was super-duper.

After John's little show, it really heated up as we passed out roman candles and lighted sparklers to small children. It's crazy, but soooo fun! Luckily there were no accidents and good clean, burning fun was had by all.

I tried to take a picture of the crowd around the fire pit, but it was really smoky from all of the sparklers, so I tried to turn off the flash. Of course the shutter opened for like 14 seconds and I cannot hold very still, so this is the best I got. :)

We made it back inside in time to turn on the TV for a count down. At the New Year we traditionally blow horns, yell a lot, and jump on bubble wrap that had been placed all around the room (thanks Lanae!). It's always quite loud and exciting.

And of course I always try my best to get a New Years Smooch (love that tradition!) from my number one guy--he's not just hot while exploding things. XOXO My blazin' babe!

We do this each year because our kids love it (well, shoot, so do we) and although you never know what the new year will bring, it's sure fun to welcome it with a bang surrounded by friends and family.

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