Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Locking it Down

Today there was a troubling incident in the school district. Someone called a bomb threat into the High School this morning. So they proceeded to evacuate the High School, Miller Middle School, Fort Lewis College, and the Courthouse. The remainder of the school district was placed in what they called a 'soft' lock down. This means each classroom locked their door, drew their blinds, and had to be very quiet.

While I understand the need to err on the side of caution, I hate, hate, hate that our kids have to participate in this. Not only am I disgusted with the bomb threat, but I do not like that we are teaching our children how to cower in their classrooms. I am not sure what the alternate should be, but I do not like lock downs-or even lock down drills.

I guess I feel like the odds of my kid getting bombed at school is just so minuscule that I think the fear we are teaching is not justified. Am I in denial? Is the world really so rotten that I need to be sure my kid has a healthy dose of fear? I'm not sure. Am I a fool to think that I would like my kids to be naive to some of the craziness in the world? Statistically it's highly unlikely they will ever face that kind of violence.

I want my kids to be able to function in the world, to talk to strangers even. Most people are terrific. I honestly don't know what I want to accomplish by this post except just to say that I think it blows we have to 'lock down' our children. I just don't like that this is where our culture has taken us and I wonder if we are reacting in the way that is best for their emotional and social health.

So ya-rant, rant, rant.


meegz said...

I hear you...BUT, we do live in a nasty time. Don't live in fear, but know what to do JUST IN CASE. It sucks, I know --- but remember "Be prepared and ye shall not fear"

I think we can downplay all the crap they are fed by media, friends, etc. But those drills, to me, still a necessary evil.(or pain in the bahooky:))

Mimi said...

I have a hard time with the lock down thing too, but then again I don't have a better idea??

Cajsa said...

Isn't it crazy? It's sad that in the short time since we were in school (okay maybe not so short) that lock downs have become part of the safety plan. Our schools here have been inlock-down a few times, but due to gang related stuff or simply just strange people on campus. CraZy world.