Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kinda Crazy

This is a wonderful time of year. Going to the mailbox is such a treat. I love hearing from friends far and wide. I love seeing pictures and reading newsletters.

Sidenote: I know that those who send me Christmas cards are true blue friends. I know this because I have not sent out a Christmas card in 5 years! 5 years! That is terrible!! John shakes his head at me and says I shouldn't get ANY cards. :) So to all those who still send them-know that I LOVE them!!! :)

OK, back to my mailbox. I got several cards today, but 2 in particular caught my eye, and to me they were fascinating enough to document.

The first card comes from my older sister. She lives in Utah and has 4 beautiful children. Her only daughter married this year and it happens to be the picture she chose for her Christmas card. I looked at it and thought-'Ah, how cute. What a fun wedding that was.' And other such reminiscent thoughts of that wonderful June day.
Then I opened couple of other cards. A friend from high school, another from my mission. What a delight. It is fun to see the pictures and the personality of the different cards. Oh happy heart that I had.

Next in the stack was a card from my younger sister. She chose a picture of her family at Lake Powell-my favorite place on earth. How nice to see some of my favorite people in such a lovely, lovely place. The boys looked bigger since I have seen them last (OK, I saw them at Thanksgiving, but still...).
I was gazing and smiling when something struck me. I went back to my older sister's card and looked again. Then back to my younger sister's card. Was it my imagination? No, no. I think not. I set the cards side by side and, yes, it was the SAME background on both cards! My sisters had selected, from the myriad of Christmas cards available, cards that had identical black backgrounds. Same red bow. Same black on black lines. Same white 'Seasons Greetings' font and same white swirlies!
I know there are about a bazillion choices in Christmas cards out there because in an unusual departure from my Christmas card ways, I actually ordered cards this year!! I tried to order cards from a couple of different sights, but they all took too long to get printed and delivered to my house (I never said I ordered them early...). I was forced to go with the layouts. I found one that was similar to the one I liked on Shutterfly. Can you see where I am going with this? I originally chose the SAME layout as both of my sisters, but had to go with the Walmart knock off instead!!!
How crazy is that?! Three sisters in three different states without consulting one another, chose the same Christmas Card layout!! What are the odds? I am not sure, but I know it is definately odd!! The three of us like to think of ourselves as rugged individuals with our own unique taste and style, but after this year's Christmas Cards, I am not so sure.


Kim said...

What can we say... Great minds think alike! ;)

Nicole said...

We all have great taste! (: Man I love those gals!