Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jebb's Christmas Play

Tis' the season for Christmas Programs, fa la la la la, la la la la.

Jebb had his first Christmas Show today and it went well by preschool standards. Kids are so stinking adorable at this age that you know it's gonna be cute. Look at his cuteness! :)
Singing the song about being a tree. The song says they trees were 'gay' and it explained to me many conversations I have caught this last week with Jebb arguing about the meaning of the word with Seth. Funny.
This was Jebb as a Rhino pulling Santa's sleigh, not good as they demolished a house.
Santa actually came to visit the kids. He was very authentic. The kids loved it! I loved seeing the wonder on their faces-John wondered at the fact that Jebb looks cross-eyed in this picture. I think he is just looking intently at Santa...

It was a treat to see all of the preschoolers do their thing. I am glad our school still has Christmas Trees, Santa, and even some Christmas Caroling going on. I love the traditions of Christmas and I am glad they haven't all been eliminated yet--it's a bonus of small town living.

PS--congratulations to Gabe who made the A team as a 7th grader in Basketball this week. He's pretty nervous, but he's playin' it cool.

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Kelly said...

Very cute. Is that at Florida Mesa? Looking at that first picture brings back memories of the stage there.