Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Before Vacation

The Friday before Christmas vacation is often a busy and fun one. This year was no exception. I helped Gabe's orchestra transport instruments to two local elementary schools. They put on a Christmas Concert at both Florida Mesa Elem (our school) and Sunnyside Elem. (the school district we technically live in). I so enjoyed going to the concerts and loved seeing Gabe play in his Santa hat. Elise (4th grader) got to participate on a couple of the orchestra numbers with the Middle School group. She did great-I tried to zoom in on her, she is sitting by her BFF, Afton. After the orchestra numbers, the 4th & 5th graders sang two chorale numbers that were just fantastic. They sang in Latin and they were about Jesus--I loved it!! They sounded so beautiful. Oh, it happens to be pajama day at the school in case it looks strange. ;)

After the concert at Florida Mesa, I loaded the cellos in my car and headed out to Sunnyside. But before I left, I handed off the camera to John as he was staying to see Jackson read in his Author's Celebration. John reported that Jackson did really well and had the best, most creative story ever. :) Jackson was so excited for this event and I am so glad John was able to break away from work to attend it.

I am looking forward to vacation this year as are the kiddos. Grandma Kristine is coming to live with us for a few weeks and should be here tomorrow. The ward Christmas dinner is tomorrow as well. The Holidays are here!

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Mom's Thoughts said...

Great pictures! I wish we could have been there for the concerts, etc.