Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Few Things I've Missed

December has been a tough month for me. I have had a hard time staying healthy-stomach flu last week, and now strep this week. Monday night I climbed into bed and stayed there for most of the week. A huge snow storm hit and Tuesday was our first snow day. I guess the kids had a blast and I guess once you have learned to make your own hot cocoa, a sick mom is not a damper on snow-day fun. John snapped a couple of shots for me. Look at all the snow!!Jackson and Elise build a snow fort under the trees
Seth, Jebb, and Gabe build an epic sledding jump

Wednesday was Seth's Christmas concert. He is first chair second violin and told John recently that he really likes it when he plays fun numbers (hooray!). Seeing my kids play in concerts is seriously one of my favorite things, so I was sad I slept through that one.

Thursday I missed the Relief Society Christmas Party. It was at Lanae's house so John plowed her driveway really good as a gesture of my sadness at missing the night. I heard it was lovely. Lanae is a great friend and sent a pot of soup and some rolls that are literally the only thing I ate all week. It was sooo good. Thanks Nae!

Friday Jebb and Elise were home with me. Jebb of course doesn't have school on Friday, but Elise was home with...nooo!...a sore throat. John took her straight to the doctor and got her started on her antibiotics after she tested positive for strep. Poor thing-but I did like having a little company. ;) By now I was feeling better and we had a fun family movie night watching the new Harry Potter DVD!

Between naps this week, I had a lot of time to think about my family and how much I love them. I think they are all so cool!! My husband steps right up without a complaint, and all of our kids were just troopers as well. I was amazed at how well they all did. They would all run in my room and blow me kisses before running out the door to sled in the back yard. Being sick is no fun and I am sad I missed some of these Christmas events. John got a tree today, so we will have to see if we can make up for lost time!!

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Mimi said...

So sorry you've been sick..that's no fun at all...especially at Christmas time! I know you're well by now tho...right?
Loved the family guys really are a beautiful family!