Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Christmas Card Pics

Today as we walked in the door from church, I looked around and realized we all had our hair combed, so I proclaimed it Family Picture Time! After a few grumbles we switched into jeans and sweaters and went out in the front yard. Gabe pulled the Suburban around to use as a camera tripod, and we went for it! We came up with this first shot, but Seth said it looks like he's 'just kinda standing out there.' I kinda agree. We had a few other triesThis is our attempt at the group hug shot. Not easy to do when John is setting the timer atop the car, then running into our group hug effort, but we got this shot.

Did I mention it was super cold yesterday? we only took 4 or 5 group shots before John was ready to call it good. I put up a bit of a fight and we tried to get a few individual shots taken of the kiddos.
Elise is getting so old and it really freaks me out in pictures!
We only got a shot of Jackson laying on the ground and all of Jebb's were blurry, so this combo pic will have to do
Gabe was a great sport and posed well for me. We edited his teeth and I realized how bad I need an actual photo editing program....Santa?
Seth takes a pretty good pic no matter what, sadly, the lighting was terrible and I tried to lighten it up a bit.
This would be a crop of John and I from the above family photo...
Elise wanted all the kids to throw snow in the air. Cute concept. Cold execution.
This was after the blob of snow Gabe threw up landed smack on Jackson's head

The kids were all super good sports and I am freakishly proud of myself that I just ordered Christmas Cards of us from! They will be ready to pick up tomorrow!!! Now if I can just get them mailed off, it will truly be a Christmas miracle.


Brooke said...

What a darling family you have! I was just thinking about babysitting Gabe and Seth when they were toddlers... and how grown-up they look now! Time flys, and it looks like you've all been having fun.

Lucy said...

Really cute, Michelle. It helps that your family is already so darn good looking!