Friday, December 11, 2009

An Expensive Lesson

Today Gabe learned a painful and expensive lesson. Several days ago he asked his friend if he could play with his iPod Touch. When lunch ended, Gabe put it in his backpack and went on with his day. Sadly, he then left his backpack in the hallway between classes--NOT in a locker. You can guess what happened right? Sure enough, it was stolen out of the backpack and when Gabe went to retrieve it at the end of the day, it was gone.

He reported it stolen the next day, but it did not turn up. Ouch.

So Gabe went to the store and bought his friend a brand new iPod with double the memory his original one had (the smallest size is twice as big now). It was painful for him to have to spend such a huge chunk of the money he managed to save this summer. Gabe had a job at the gravel pit making $6/hr cleaning all that was grimy, gross, and dirty at the pit. After saving what was left minus taxes and tithing, it's not difficult to see that it took many, many hours of hard labor to replace that ipod. Hard, but important lesson. I have a feeling it's one he won't forget anytime soon.

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