Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Sunday

I love the Sunday before Christmas. You always know it is going to be wonderful and this week did not disappoint!

After some great talks full of heart warming Christmas stories, I got to participate in a musical number. I played 'I Heard the Bells of Christmas Day' on my flute along with Pam R on her flute and Patty J on piano. My legs were shaking so bad I thought I was going to fall over, right after I either threw up of passed out because I couldn't breathe. But once that was over, I was able to enjoy the last talk, again with the warm fuzzy Christmas stories.

I was super excited for Sharing Time. It is the program I posted last week, and I had recruited all kind of cool people to help out with it. Our guide was Diane F and she happens to be the grandma to several of our Primary kids. She did such a great job in her white dress and tinsel halo. :) Our Samuel the Lamanite is a great young man that is working toward his mission. The kids were pretty impressed when he cut the apple in half revealing the star. Our 'non-believer' was Brad B and he actually played his guitar and sang to us-amazing. I got a little tear in my eye! My oldest son Gabe teamed up with Kathy W as the 'believers' and they too did a great job-Kathy played a blind grandma and she had her part memorized-so good! Our angels were Callie B and one of her Young Women, Nicole G. They sang just like the angels they were dressed as. It was terrific!

The kids always enjoy dressing up and going on a 'journey.' It was fun to put a little Book of Mormon twist on it this year. I had to laugh when I ran into a lady I served with in Primary probably 10 years ago. She commented that she knew I must be in Primary when she saw my trademark container of fabric for dress up. :) I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the dollar fabric I cut up to use as costumes all those years ago. Our family used them every Christmas as well- I think every family should have some fabric in a box for times like that. :)

After church our friend Lindsay came over. She is a sweet girl that has developmental issues. She is a 24 year old that is like an 8 or 9 year old. I love having her over because she helps me remember how important it is to be 'childlike.' She is a great example to me. She says what she wants and has no guile. You never have to wonder what she would like because she will just tell or ask you. If you tell her no, she is never offended. She just smiles and moves on, not taking anything personally. I just love her and I have pondered a lot lately how I should be more humble and childlike. Elise loves her to come over because she will sit and play barbies, or style hair, or paint nails for hours on end.

This afternoon we loaded up the whole gang (Grandma Kristine is staying with us now) and went to an Old Folks Home to sing Christmas Carols. It was organized by our Scoutmaster and I am so glad we went. The ladies there really seemed to enjoy the kids. The home is actually only a few minutes from our house and I think we should visit there more often-that would be a great New Years goal.

After singing, we went over to the Mann's house for an impromptu game of Farkle. I can say that I HATE the game of Farkle. Hate it. OK, OK, I actually loved playing the game, but HATED that I got KILLED....TWICE!! I lost so bad it was to the point of being hularious! I enjoy most games, but man oh man, I sure hate to lose! :) We were loading up the kids to head home and I was thinking what a great day it was when the doorbell rang at the Mann's house. Out on the porch was the whole Farley clan singing Christmas Carols to all of us!! Could the day get any better?!

I love Sunday and always look forward to getting my batteries recharged. What a perfect Sabbath to kick of the week of Christmas. I love this time of year and the extra measure of kindness and brotherhood that it brings out. I am ready for the week and all of the Christmas Craziness that will surely be coming!

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