Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas FHE

With tonight being the FHE before Chirstmas, I wanted to do something a little special. Last year when I tried to do this, it was a total and utter fiasco. So this year I waited until the very last minute to make sure the weather would be on my side. Then I invited over some super cool families (i.e. families that are nice enough not to tell me where to stick my last-minute Christmas ideas). FHE luck must have been on my side because not only did the weather hold, but John had to go to Farmington for a work thingy and was able to pick me up some Costa Vida yumminess--a.k.a. the sweet pork they use. ;)

After I heated up a storm, we fed the masses with Christmas Burritos (I have named them that only because it is the week of Christmas, not because they were red or green, although I should have gotten some fun colored tortillas....maybe next year). But as usual, I digress. John did get one lousy pic of me in the kitchen warming away while my friend Lori whipped up her famous salsa (I love her salsa so much that I did not hesitate to beg her to leave the leftovers behind for me to enjoy tomorrow--and true to her cool ways, she obliged). Oops, more digressing. BTW, did I mention how yummy sweet pork from Costa Vida is? OK, moving on.

Every family had participants in the Nativity Play. (find it here) The script requires over 2 dozen people, so it was fun to see so many of the kids anxious to participate.
Greg is not only a good dentist, but a great Narrator (he actually pulled 2 of Gabe's teeth this morning (digress)).
Our three wisemen looking for the star, and a hotel.
Our sweet Innkeeper's Wife helps Mary and Joseph settle in to the manger.
Our Angel encouraged us to Fear Not!
We had lots of adorable Shepherds that made their way to the Christ Child.

Once everyone arrived at the Stable, they all sang Silent Night and were joined by the audience as well. Everyone did such a great job! Our kids are at such a great age for things like this--old enough to read, but young enough not to think it's ridiculous. ;)

At the end of the night, we got a special treat. Lanae's little bro was in town with his wife and they both happen to be true-blue musicians. Natalie played her violin and Ross accompanied her, then they played a piano duet, 'Dance of the Sugar Plumb Faries.' It was amazing and our music room was filled with beautiful music.

Overall, it was a really nice FHE and although I didn't get pics of all the families that were here (I was warming food), I am so glad they were able to come! I felt so happy when I hopped into bed, it was the perfect FHE before Christmas. :)


Laurene Ross said...

Wonderful! When I read this I just about cried. I am just so grateful for the gospel that ties us across the miles and eternities. It is just so cool that you were doing the same special thing we were doing on the same night.

Your script is awesome. I added a few more things like Samuel's prophecy, because we always had it in before when we were not so organized. Thank you for sharing your talent.

I hope your Christmas is white and beautiful. I loved your card too.We just got it:) Merry Christmas!!!!

The Webber's said...

Wow - what a wonderful evening!! Glad your family is enjoying the true spirit of Christmas and looks like everyone is happy and healthy!

Lucy said...

Looks perfect! I'm glad you got her FHE this year. The snow even waited until Tuesday for your big night:)