Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

As is our tradition on Christmas Eve Morning (this is the second year running...), we got up early this morning to head to our local WalMart. Each kid is given a $5 budget to buy gifts for their siblings. We all take a cart and split up to find our gifts. It is fun and exciting to hunt for our treasures. I loaded Jebb in my cart and we headed for the toy deptartment. Grandma waited at the door to hang with the kids who finished up their shopping. After each kid finds their gifts, we check out and double bag the goods.
After our shopping is done we head to Denny's for breakfast, then it's home to wrap! It is so fun to see the excitement each kid has thinking about their gifts. Every one pays close attention when their gifts are opened. It's a great way to inject a little 'giving' before all of the 'getting' begins.

Our Christmas Eve traditions are a little more established. After reading Luke 2, we get to open one present before bed. And ya, it is always pajamas.

I thought I was pretty clever this year when I got Gabe and Seth's PJ's. They were fuzzy and footed. The boys were super good sports. Gabe said he thought the PJ's made them look like giant babies. We cracked up because it was true and I made them let me hold them as we laughed. :) The rest of us enjoyed our PJ's as well--we had to pose for a few photos.

Then it was off to bed to await the arrival of Christmas Day! I can't believe Christmas is here already! December was a blur!


Cajsa said...

Can't believe you found footy jammies that big. So funny!

Lucy said...

Nothing wrong with a man in footed pajamas (Jay wears his all the time. Seriously, it saves us a fortune in heating bills). Your boys look very, very cute.

Great tradition! Patty said she saw you at Dennys. I, still, have yet to patronize that restaurant here.