Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And So It Goes

I love to leave the Christmas Tree up until New Years because it just seems to stretch the Holidays out a little longer. This year we had a huge, beautiful tree which proceeded to dry out at an alarming pace. By Christmas Eve it had become a serious fire hazard and a spark within 15 feet would have surely set it ablaze. But I just wasn't ready to part with it and it's cheery white lights and red ornaments. So we have kept it up....until today.

Last night our boiler went on the fritz (which means no in-floor heat, which means a COLD upstairs). I went to light a fire in the fireplace and darn it, we were almost out of newpaper and kindling to get it going. I had a flash of inspiration and snapped a few small branches from our tree (it is never a good sign if the branches 'snap'). Ta Da! Those babies went up like Roman Candles! They were perfect little fire starters. So this morning....

Out went the tree. After removing all the ornaments and boxing them up for next year, Gabe and John made a quick exit. It was too wide for the door frame and bringing it in was easier than taking it out.

I decided I'd better put all of the Holiday decorations away and get ready for the New Year. But before I did, I wanted to remember this Nativity. I asked the kids to take out the Nativity sets this year (we have several....I heart them!) and after they were carefully unboxed, I let the kids set them up. Selfish-Mom that I am, I usually save this task for myself, I love arranging each piece so it can be seen as our family passes by. But when I let the kids arrange them, they all looked very similar to this one. All the pieces were in neat little circles with all eyes on the Baby Jesus. Pushy-Mom that I am, I was tempted to 'correct' the kids and encourage them to turn the pieces out so we could see their faces. But Starting-To-Learn-From-My-Kids-Mom that I am, I instead smiled and left them just like they were. It seems perfect that all eyes would be on the Baby! Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year!

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