Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Fun

Today I did something that was unexpectedly Super Fun!

I went here:

This is a website that anyone can go to and learn where they came from. Your ancestors as well as birthdates, death dates, marriages, and children are some of the neat things you can learn about the people on your family tree.

Well, actually I went HERE and if you are a member of the LDS church, you will want to go there too. Because I am a member of the church (push my button on the right to learn more), I am able to enter my membership number and access some phenomenal information! Not only does it list all of your ancestors, but it also tells you what work has been done for them in the temple.

If their work has not been completed, with the click of a button, you can volunteer to work for them. You are given a page with a bar code to print at home. You can them take that to the temple of your choice and complete the work. AMAZING!!! Technology is so cool like that!! It was ridiculously easy. You do have to select a name and password, but it was certainly user friendly. In about 2 minutes, I was clicking up my family tree seeing who had their work completed and who was still waiting patiently. I enjoyed seeing their names and the names of their children. I found one line that went back to the 1400's and another line that had lots of Native American royalty! And they are all part of ME! How fun!

Unless your living relatives (ie parents) have registered too, you won't be able to see their 'upline.' But deceased relatives all come up automatically as they can't use computers. My parents had both registered and it took no time to realize that our family has a lot of work to do. While much of the work HAS been done, there are certainly gaps. It was exciting to see and it made me eager to go to the temple.

So grab your membership number (it is listed on your temple recommend) and sign up! You will be so glad you did!


meegz said...

So funny to see this today. I've been raving all day today about an experience I had with reading some of the Ranney family history. It was not only insightful for me -- but helped me to feel much more connected to them.

Also, I've done a few things for my Mom's family (the Parsons) the last little while and man has that been great for her --- me to, but more for her.

Thanks for the encouragement. My mom is all over this stuff too. Sitting in the little Ignacio library with the world at her fingertips.:)

Laurene Ross said...

Hey, that is so cool. Skip and I have a whole group of names from your Dad's side that we have been doing work for. It is pretty cool to go to the Temple and look down at a name and think," I am related to theis woman." It is just awesome!

Nicole said...

What I love is that you can now avoid a lot of the duplicate work that has gone on in the past. No more doing great-grandpa's work fifty times over! I get that need for efficiency from my mother's side! (=