Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

Tonight I joined a group of ladies from the ward to go see the next installment in the Twighlight series, "New Moon." When we got there, we actually saw a bunch of other ladies we know too... they just weren't on Facebook where we organized our little outing. I admit I wasn't super excited to see the movie, but I was VERY excited to hang out with all of these cool gals. I copied a New Moon quiz off of the internet for a little fun. I got a bunch of candy and gave out prizes to the girls that gave the right answers. I didn't know most of the questions, but luckily I had the answer sheet. There was a women next to our group that knew ALL the answers, so we had to give her some candy too. Luckily, I brought a LOT.

It seems like everything is funner in a big group. Why don't we do everything as a group? :) We ate dinner at Applebees afterwards and my friend Lucy had a weird night. You can read about it HERE. I had a whole different take on the exchange, but hers is pretty darn funny.

Now for my movie review: Didn't love it.

But I did love my time out with friends. Thanks ladies for letting me join all of you!

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