Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cougars V. Lobos

This weekend we took a little road trip to Albuquerque to see the BYU Cougars play football against the NM Lobos. It is part of our ongoing master plan to brainwash our kids into believing BYU is the only place to go (which of course it is). ;)

We left Durango after lunch on Friday so we could arrive in time for John to take the big boys to the fireside put on that evening by the players. I stayed behind at the hotel and took the 3 younger kids swimming. We were at the same hotel with the Johnson & Johnsons (I am not sure how they feel about me making up that nickname for them just now). V&P Johnson as well as J&L Johnson were the BYU alumni that hooked us up with the whole weekend-Thanks Guys!!

On Saturday we started the day off by attending the tailgate party sponsored by the Albuquerque chapter of BYU Alumni. After I cried for a few minutes that I dropped out of BYU (OK, OK, I got married which I know is a good thing...). So after I dried my happy tears that I got to marry John, I joined our kids for some fun pre-game stuff. There were jumping castles, dart throwing, face painting, etc. We actually ran into the Hyatts from Bayfield and the Stroheckers from Pagosa. I love that!

We got tickets in the BYU section and it was pretty packed. The stadium wasn't super huge so there weren't really any bad seats, even down on the 10 where we were. The Lobos fans were somewhat sparse and I understand they aren't exactly a winning team. I wouldn't have know that though watching this game. I was expecting a blow-out, but it was a surprisingly close seeming game.

This is the coolest picture we got of the whole weekend. I asked Gabe to see if he could get a shot of all of our group sitting together in the stands. I think it was during a time-out, but you would never know it looking at Jay! I am cracking up at his posed intensity! Hilarious!! I had such a nice weekend hanging out with really nice friends and my cool family. Thanks for letting me come-even though I wore a red coat the whole time!

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Lucy said...

It was fun, friend. I only wish we actually got to hang out more. Yeah, yeah, yeah...the game was great and fireside uplifting. I needed more Michelle! Next time, right?