Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old Friends

While in AZ I got to hang out with these beautiful women. They are my friends from my HS days and I love seeing them. It is fun to hang out with people that you haven't seen forever, but you can still hang out and talk like you were just together yesterday. Old friends rock like that.
We took some pics together and Lisa kindly cleaned them up for us before we posted them on FB. Thanks Lisa! :)
While we went out to dinner, Elise stayed and played with Lisa's daughter McKenna. Elise was a little nervous at first, but they had a really good time and I had a hard time getting Elise to come home with me at the end of the night. McKenna is beautiful just like her mom. She is also an amazing piano player-if you stop by, ask her to play something for you, I like the Coldplay number.

Thanks again Lisa and Dabrielle for fitting me into your busy lives. I loved seeing you guys! :)

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