Monday, November 30, 2009

Sharing With the Cousins

It was the Monday after a long and lazy Thanksgiving break, so I wasn't concerned when Jebb seemed very tired and quiet when I dropped him off at preschool. When I returned at the schools request to pick him up a short hour later, he was dressed differently than when I left him.

That's right-my little Jebber puked in the lunch room at breakfast--all over his clothing. Apparently once he threw up, he felt rejuvenated because he was all smiles and talk when I brought him home. He thought the pants the school loaned him were especially cool with the zip-off legs. He converted them to shorts in no time and happily skipped around the living room.

I guess this was a Turkey Day Virus that got shared among many of the cousins. We have cousins in Utah and Arizona with the same thing. Our common denominator was the lovely day we all spent together counting our blessings. Well, what is family for if not for sharing.

Note:My sis-in-law had all of her children drink a little vinegar and apparently they have been spared the wrath of the Turkey Day Virus. I am thinking I should have my kids all do the same...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

Tonight I joined a group of ladies from the ward to go see the next installment in the Twighlight series, "New Moon." When we got there, we actually saw a bunch of other ladies we know too... they just weren't on Facebook where we organized our little outing. I admit I wasn't super excited to see the movie, but I was VERY excited to hang out with all of these cool gals. I copied a New Moon quiz off of the internet for a little fun. I got a bunch of candy and gave out prizes to the girls that gave the right answers. I didn't know most of the questions, but luckily I had the answer sheet. There was a women next to our group that knew ALL the answers, so we had to give her some candy too. Luckily, I brought a LOT.

It seems like everything is funner in a big group. Why don't we do everything as a group? :) We ate dinner at Applebees afterwards and my friend Lucy had a weird night. You can read about it HERE. I had a whole different take on the exchange, but hers is pretty darn funny.

Now for my movie review: Didn't love it.

But I did love my time out with friends. Thanks ladies for letting me join all of you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

School Lunch Thanksgiving Style

I got to join these two handsome young men for lunch today. It was the annual Thanksgiving lunch at the school. It was bitter/sweet, as I did get to hang out with the boys, but I missed seeing Elise at lunch. Sadly, Jackson was not feeling well and we had to go home before it was her time to eat. Sadder still, I didn't get to actually eat because I was waiting until Elise arrived to get my tray of Hot Lunch Thanksgiving Day Delight. I guess there is always next year. :)

If these two (Jeb and Jackson) are two peas in a pod, then these 3 (Jebb, Jackson, and their buddy Kooper) are the Three Amigos. They do have fun together!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope Jackson gets feeling better soon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

String Festival at FLC

The Middle School was invited to the college to participate in a String Festival. There were High Schools from Durango and Farmington there as well. It was an all day workshop with a performance in the late afternoon. I loved seeing Gabe perform-he is 'Principal' cello.
Love the purple vests. ;) After each school performed, everyone played a few numbers together. It was so good!
I took this shop of the whole group playing then zoomed into the right side... Gabe is in the very back row on the end with his cello and purple vest. Great job G!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cougars V. Lobos

This weekend we took a little road trip to Albuquerque to see the BYU Cougars play football against the NM Lobos. It is part of our ongoing master plan to brainwash our kids into believing BYU is the only place to go (which of course it is). ;)

We left Durango after lunch on Friday so we could arrive in time for John to take the big boys to the fireside put on that evening by the players. I stayed behind at the hotel and took the 3 younger kids swimming. We were at the same hotel with the Johnson & Johnsons (I am not sure how they feel about me making up that nickname for them just now). V&P Johnson as well as J&L Johnson were the BYU alumni that hooked us up with the whole weekend-Thanks Guys!!

On Saturday we started the day off by attending the tailgate party sponsored by the Albuquerque chapter of BYU Alumni. After I cried for a few minutes that I dropped out of BYU (OK, OK, I got married which I know is a good thing...). So after I dried my happy tears that I got to marry John, I joined our kids for some fun pre-game stuff. There were jumping castles, dart throwing, face painting, etc. We actually ran into the Hyatts from Bayfield and the Stroheckers from Pagosa. I love that!

We got tickets in the BYU section and it was pretty packed. The stadium wasn't super huge so there weren't really any bad seats, even down on the 10 where we were. The Lobos fans were somewhat sparse and I understand they aren't exactly a winning team. I wouldn't have know that though watching this game. I was expecting a blow-out, but it was a surprisingly close seeming game.

This is the coolest picture we got of the whole weekend. I asked Gabe to see if he could get a shot of all of our group sitting together in the stands. I think it was during a time-out, but you would never know it looking at Jay! I am cracking up at his posed intensity! Hilarious!! I had such a nice weekend hanging out with really nice friends and my cool family. Thanks for letting me come-even though I wore a red coat the whole time!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grandma Goodbyes

We really enjoyed seeing Grandma this weekend. The kids were so sad when it was time to say goodbye, so instead we will just say 'Til We Meet Again.'

See you soon Grandma!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old Friends

While in AZ I got to hang out with these beautiful women. They are my friends from my HS days and I love seeing them. It is fun to hang out with people that you haven't seen forever, but you can still hang out and talk like you were just together yesterday. Old friends rock like that.
We took some pics together and Lisa kindly cleaned them up for us before we posted them on FB. Thanks Lisa! :)
While we went out to dinner, Elise stayed and played with Lisa's daughter McKenna. Elise was a little nervous at first, but they had a really good time and I had a hard time getting Elise to come home with me at the end of the night. McKenna is beautiful just like her mom. She is also an amazing piano player-if you stop by, ask her to play something for you, I like the Coldplay number.

Thanks again Lisa and Dabrielle for fitting me into your busy lives. I loved seeing you guys! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

At Grandma's House

This weekend we cruised to AZ to visit Grandma Kristine at her winter place.

Jacqueline lives only a few blocks away. After a Grandma-sponsored trip to Toys R Us, she and Elise baked with their new mini oven. Here they are enjoying the fruits of their labors.
At Grandma's house you don't just have a snack, you have a snack with whipped cream.

And chips are a mainstay.
Jebb shows off some new toys from the aforementioned shopping spree.
The weather is great and I am doing my best to look the other way when the little guys put a pile of powdered sugar on their morning french toast, because that's how we roll at Grandma's.