Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Saturday

Today was a Norman Rockwell Saturday. Perfect fall weather, youth football, autumn colors, friends, family, hanging out and just enjoying it as it comes. Nothing out of the ordinary, but delightful, so here is some of Saturday.

After dropping Gabe off to go on a youth temple trip, we drove to Bloomfield to watch Seth in his semi-final football game against Bayfield. He didn't play much this season after breaking his arm, but after getting his cast off Thursday, he was excited to get in there. Bayfield won the game, but the boys actually did better than we had expected. It was such a beautiful morning and watching a small town football game is at the top of my list for 'pleasant things to do.'

After the game we went to meet a bunch of other players for lunch. This is the shirt I have worn every football Saturday for the last 3 years. Gabe and Seth were both 81-how convenient. I think I am ready to retire the shirt. ;)

We got home and just kinda dinked around for the afternoon. We usually have projects or appointments or something to keep us running. It was so nice to just relax!

In the late afternoon, Jackson and Jebb took turns riding the little 4wheeler. They would pretend to 'pit' for each other (check tires and fuel level). They had a ball.

John sat out front on a chair and kept a good eye on them. I took this picture myself, can you tell?

Jackson was being such a sweetheart. I love it when he is in that mood! He wanted to be sure I got his pumpkin in some of the pictures. He is getting to be a good little rider.

Jebb isn't very good at braking yet, so I was grateful for John's parental supervision! ;) That kid loves to cheese for the camera which made action shots a little sketchy-instead of watching where he was driving, he would look for me to see if I was getting his picture.

Dinner time was coming up on us and I was thinking what a treat of a day it had been. Elise had gone to play at a friends house for the afternoon and John was going to pick her up. I did some dishes and was rooting around in the fridge to see if anything inspired me. I was drawing a big, fat cooking inspiration blank. Then look what happened-that's right-the man brought home pizza! I freakin' love that guy!!! He even obliged me when I ran for the camera.
So now the kids will hit the showers so they can be shiny and sweet smelling for church in the morning. This was just some Saturday, but I think it was terrific.


April said...

that looks like a fun saturday, love how you said it was norman rockwell, so true! I hope we have a boy someday, Kevin would love all that stuff, and I can't see him not being able to do it.

On another note, the Fort Lewis alumni game is coming up in Nov. and I need help convincing Kevin that he wants to spend the money to come up there! I would love to go back and visit our old stomping grounds!:) Tell John to email him and convince him to come out! his email is,

Thanks, and hopefully we'll get to see ya soon!

Lucy said...

Looks like a great day. Our perfect fall weather certainly didn't hurt. It was lov-e-ly out today.

You almost make me wish we had a football game today. Almost. Glad Seth got his groove back before the end of the season. You guys are troopers keeping the flame alive with a cast on his arm!

See you tomorrow (I'm playing for your primary program. It'll almost seem like I'm in your ward:))

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

It sounds perfect, Norman Rockwell, indeed. And pizza to boot. Does it get any better?