Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rachel Ray, Your Job is Safe

Tonight John was gone with the big boys so I was left to figure out what to make for dinner for our small group of 4. I suggested that boring, old standby-spaghetti-but got unanimously voted down. Instead, the kids wanted that cheap, white trash cousin of spaghetti--Mac and Cheese.

For some reason, M&C is NOT a food and I feel comfortable having for a main meal. It's not that we don't have any M&C, in fact we buy it in bulk. It just doesn't seem substantial enough to qualify as the main course at dinner. But tonight I was feeling pretty persuadable, so I agreed.
Jackson has been interested in all things cooking related (might just be 'blue fire coming out of the stove' related) and Jebb is interested in all things Jackson, so I immediately had two assistants.
I discovered something a few weeks back that makes your M&C super yummy. And no, it's not 4 year old hair.
We had run out of milk while making our golden noodles, but we did have some of this. So this is my awesome cooking tip...."Heavy Whipping Cream tastes good in most anything."
Don't worry, I didn't go too crazy. I only used half HWC and half Whole Milk. ;)

Once we got Jebb to give us back his new Jedi helmet, we strained the pasta and added the rest of our ingredients.

What is that orange powder made of anyway? Do I even want to know? It does taste so yummy though!

We sliced up some apples to serve as a side dish to try to make it seem more legit. I even served 2 varieties.

It's definately not the most well balanced or super healthy dinner ever, but sometimes it is really nice to serve a dinner that the kids literally cheer for when it is served. So although I am no Rachel Ray, tonight I had some real fans of my cooking.


Laurene Ross said...

Sometimes a mom needs some cheering from the stands too. Way to go!

meegz said...

macaroni and cheese isn't a substantial dinner? hmm? who knew?:)

Mimi said...

You know what I used to do to soothe my conscience? And the kids loved it...slice a couple (or more) hot dogs and cook in the skillet and add the mac and cheese when finished! Now it's a real meal:). Of course, apples are even better!