Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Playing Hookie

Different people call it different things. When I was in grade school, there was an officer that cruised the school to make sure no one was 'truant.' When we moved to Utah, the kids there all talked about 'sluffing.' This was mostly in reference to skipping seminary, but I admit, the term sluffing always sounded kind of icky to me-like what dead skin cells do-not seminary students. In Page, we called it 'ditching' although of course I never did it myself (play along here).

Being truant, sluffing, ditching, or playing hookie, they all mean the same thing. It is when you decide to blow off responsibility and do something that is usually non-productive though often entertaining. Back in high school this could be making a donut run, meeting up with friends, or my personal favorite-driving down to the lake for a quick dip. Oh wait, those are all things that sound like they would be fun had I partaken of such forbidden activities (my kids are going to read this some day...)!

So what does this have to do with the life of a SAHM like me? Well, today, I played hookie. I blew off my usual 'to do' stuff and ditched it all.

The morning had started off pretty responsibly. Here is the load of sheets I laundered. But they never made it to the guest room. Instead I just left them there at the top of the stairs. How scandelous!
So what does a SAHM do when she is playing hookie? This is a question I asked myself. Truth be told, I came up with many outrageous answers in a matter of a few moments. Geesh, when I let my mind run, it makes a real break for it... But I decided that moderation is more age appropriate for me.

It had been chilly in our house all morning, so after dropping the laundry, letting my brain go off the rails, I settled on a nice HOT shower. I went pretty crazy and indulged my wild, rebellious self. I stayed in there for much longer than was necessary. I washed my hair twice and used way more conditioner than necessary. I know, I know--I am INSANE!! After my shower I got dressed and put on some fun, fuzzy, green socks that I got for my birthday. They just seemed so perfect for ditching responsibility.

I was all dressed and ready to do...something. Something hookie-ish. I have a close friend that once confessed to me that she sometimes goes to see movies all by herself in the middle of the day (!!!!), Can you believe that?! I looked out the window at the gloomy weather (brrr) and decided I'd just stay in and watch some TV. I was wondering what would be entertaining at 11:00 in the morning, but I quickly remembered I have Dish Network and all of it's Pay-Per-View options. So I kicked up my green clad feet and ordered up a movie. I went for the action genre and quickly decided I wouldn't mind spending some time with Hugh Jackman. Yes, I watched "X-Men Origins:Wolverine." It's a classic.
I thought of popping some popcorn (that seems redundant-would it be better to say 'popping some corn' ?), but John doesn't like anyone to eat on the bed. So I just enjoyed the movie. The WHOLE movie! I just sat there! Sitting! Ditching!!!

When the movie was over, I was getting a little hungry. I thought of making a donut run, but again, I still kinda felt like hunkering down in the ol' casa. And besides, I knew I had this in the fridge:

I wish all computer screens had Wonka vision (you remember, it's the TV that can send food from one place to another) because I would send out this YUMMY homemade salsa to all the world. Nothing compliments homemade guacamole salsa like the Doctor.

Mmmm. Yeah, baby. Now I was really playing hookie like a wookie. (Ya, not sure what that means, but I still liked typing it...)

After checking my FB and surfing some blogs, here I am about to post. The bus will be at the end of the road any minute and I have to be there or they won't let Jebb off (dumb preschool rule). I guess my crazy streak is all coming to an end. But I have to say, ditching every now and then is pretty fun, but I think I'm cool with easing back into the whole responsible mom thing. Those sheets sitting at the top of the stairs are starting to bug. ;)


Nicole said...

I would love it you would send me some salsa through Wonka vision. Don't forget that it has to start out really huge on your end though!

Brooke said...

YOU-ARE-HILARIOUS!! I so enjoy reading your posts!

Keryn said...

Call it a "mental health" day. Even moms need them every so often!

Kelly said...

I love it. I was just thinking I should plan a ditch day, but then I realized it might not count if you plan it...