Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Teenager

Happy Birthday Gabe! Today Gabe turned 13 and I am now the parent of a real, live teenager. How did this happen?! I made him let me take this picture before he ran out the door to go play a football game. Earlier in the morning, we let him open his present--the Beattles Rockband. Gabe looks afraid for some reason. Jebb was the drummer. Not the best photos...

We enjoyed watching Gabe play in his football game. It was the final game of the season. He is #88 and plays offense and defense, so he stays in a lot. Once again, I tried to get some photos. Hmm. I handed the camera off to John and he got a couple of shots. This first one is him looking like an intimidating teen, waiting for the kickoff I think. The second one is Gabe the Teen tackling the ball carrier.

Seth had a football game in Cortez and Elise went to cheer for him. That left John and I with the little guys to cheer for our aged son. Did I mention what a beautiful fall day it was? Imagine the perfect football weather....ya, it was like that. Beautiful!! Because Gabe is a 7th grader, this means he plays for his Middle School team. The school is down by the river near the purple cliffs. So very pretty.

Hank came to the game too-we were glad to see him. The little guys will watch a play or two, but then they usually hit the sand pit. Gabe played a great game but unfortunately his team lost. :(
He had a great attitude about the whole thing though! John snapped this photo of the two of us, and no, Gabe is not standing on a box or anything! He is really almost as tall as me-CRAZY!!

After lunch Hank took Gabe shopping for his birthday. They got matching hats-Gabe was so pleased! :) We spent the afternoon refining our Rockband skills and yes, I am the best drummer (Jebb is a close second). After dinner, John took all of the big boys to a fireside put on by Jenny Phillips (a Mormon singing chick). I snapped a picture and John said he doesn't know why he looked so mad....anyhoo. ;) It was a busy, fun day. I am so glad to be Gabe's mom! I love you G! Happy Birthday!


Sue said...

It's a funny thing how they're suddenly this old. I used to think having a teenager would kill me, but yet... it's all good.
Love your cute pictures!

Laurene Ross said...

So fun! i am glad you had a fun day with Gabe and the little ones. He is a big guy! Soon you will be looking up to him. Keep on drumming!