Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me Murmur?

Today was the Primary Program so of course I used it as an excuse to snap a couple of pictures before church. We went on the back porch and sadly, the first one had the whole top half of the picture washed out form the sunlight. The next picture we tried a different angle. Great fall colors, but Jackson and Jebb look drugged (I laughed when Jackson told me he would pose with his hand in his pocket 'like a missionary' :) He is a funny kid.)

The Primary Program went well. I unexpectedly got to sit up on the stand with the kids when a few of the teachers didn't make it. I always enjoy the PP Sunday each year-it is fun to hear the kids give such sweet talks.

It was a special Sunday for John as he was ordained a High Priest today. He was asked to serve as the first assistant to the High Priest Group Leader in our ward. He will also remain the early morning seminary teacher. Only a few weeks ago I would have been a little miffed about this. I have been known to murmur a great deal in my life, and both of these callings require a lot of time. I am a selfish wife who really likes hanging with her husband. The whole seminary gig had me really murmurific for quite some time.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was reading with the kids in the Book of Mormon. It was before school, so of course John was gone (murmur, murmur) and we read about Lehi and his family. Classic murmuring going on there...ya.... so it got me thinking and here's the thing: We are super duper blessed and I am grateful to have a husband that the Lord can call on to serve. Why in the heck should I murmur about that?! I should be (and I am) so, so grateful to be married to a guy that really tries hard to serve and will do his best at whatever he is asked to do. We decided years ago in our life that we were never too busy to say 'Yes' to a calling, and if we felt like we were unsure, it was a sure sign something in our lives would need to change so that we could say 'Yes.'

So I guess once the Lord knew I was cool with the seminary thing, He decided to throw this new calling out to see how I would take it. When our kind Stake President explained that he wanted John to do both callings, I admit, I swallowed hard. I looked over at my hubby and he just smiled and said that he knew how blessed we were and how could he say no? Shoot. That sealed the deal for me--I'm not even the one that has to actually DO both of those callings and if John was cool with it, who was I to wonder at the wisdom of it all? Now, I'm not saying John isn't a little freaked out, because he is. He is wondering how he will find time to do it all. Work had been demanding lately and 50+ hour work weeks are the norm. But he also knows for sure that if he does what is important first, everything will work out. It's pretty dang cool how it works that way. There is nothing the Lord can ask of us that is 'too much' as ALL that we have is just on loan from Him.

What a full and terrific Sabbath. It is one of those days when I feel so, so blessed. I am grateful for the whisperings in my heart today that let me know that the Lord is aware of my little family and all that we are dealing with. It's funny how when I stop murmuring long enough, I can more readily hear that Still Small Voice.

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meegz said...

He is aware, as He is of all of us. Overwhelming to even think about, but yes, The Lord watches over all of us. :)
Philip has been in the Bishopric for about 4 years? and sometime in the beginning his position at work was causing him to work approx. 90 hour work weeks, plus Bishopric, plus family--yada yada yada. You can bet we thought we were drowning(you know, BSA, no pay all that good stuff:)) and I guess if you looked at us from a worldly standpoint, we were. But the windows of heaven we open for our spiritual blessings...we both grew and grew...and grew some more.:)

Yes, he does watch over us.

Glad you had a good "listening" day...I need those more than I get them. Guess I should set my life up so I can get them more often?:)