Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

This is our last costumed post of the Halloween season. It seems like Halloween gets stretched out for a week or two each year. That's not a bad thing...except for the obscene amounts of candy and sugar my kids ingest for what ends up being a steady month.

I took these pics at the ward Trunk-or-Treat which I was really looking forward to. Rural living has it's advantages, but trick-or-treating is not one of them. I was glad too that this activity was both Durango wards combined. I really enjoy seeing our friends from all over town.

Jackson (on the right), the Hulk, with 2 boys in his Primary class
Gabe the dirtbiker is getting a little old for this... but he shamelessly collected the most candy
Elise (middle) is again a football player. I think she just likes putting mascara under her eyes. She is with her best friends that she wishes were her sisters. ;)
Seth (left) waited until the last possible minute to decide on this snowboarder get-up
My little monster Jebb in the fuzzy alligator costume-he had serious hood-hair and chocolate lips. I love it!

This person is not one of my children, but she had the best costume-I just had to post it. She is a pineapple farmer with her latest crop. Adorable!

It was great to mingle with dear friends and beg for candy. I love seeing all of the creative costumes people come up with. We had such a good time and got so much candy that we decided we didn't even need to trick-or-treat (I was quite shocked my kids went for that). We went home and watched Transformers after drinking some homemade rootbeer (I am still rockin' the dry ice)! Overall a great evening! Happy Halloween!


Keryn said...

Aren't ward trunk-or-treats awesome? (Even when they take place in the cultural hall instead of the parking lot. We're a bunch of wimps here in Spanish Fork.) I don't think Zee even realized until this year that most people actually go door-to-door to get their candy.

Awesome costumes!

George and Eva Ross said...

We missed you as we wandered up and down Date Street.