Monday, October 26, 2009

The FHE Before Halloween

What do you do on the Monday night before Halloween? Well, you start with drinking some yummy potion (isn't dried ice so fun?!) for dinner.

Then you carve up some pumpkins! It's best to let dad scoop out the guts first...

Here's my pumpkin--it's a mummy....get it? mummy? Mommy? Oh, never mind. :/
What a fun night we had! It was really great to spend the evening together. It seems like we run around so much, I am very grateful for the wisdom of the Family Home Evening program. Thanks John for scooping out all of those guts.


Keryn said...

I love your pumpkins! How fun--I think we have a year or two more before we hit that particular phase.

Em, on the other hand, didn't care about the pumpkins. She only wanted to see Elise's kitten.

Lucy said...

We did pumpkins for FHE last night too! We may have even used the same kit, as we also taped paper to pumpkins and made elaborate designs instead of the fail-safe jack-o-lantern faces. I helped seth make a coffin-with-goblin standing by it, which looks nothing like its template, Sam made a skull and crossbones and Jay made a witch which also looks like a man in the moon if you do that whole unfocusing your eyes trick. Tricky:)

I thought I hated carving pumpkins because of the guts and scooping and seeds etc. However, once we began, I found I had no trouble, whatsoever, with the guts. It is quite similar to butternut squash, which, you are aware I use occasionally. Like, making soup for people when they are our dinner guests. Soup with no other side dishes to speak of, as if that even resembles normal (maybe. If you're a peasant in 18th century Germany).

Back to pumpkins. Yours looks fantastic! I bet all the hoards of trick-or-treaters that make their way to your front door will really enjoy it. :)