Monday, September 21, 2009

My Marvelous Day!

Not only is it the Fall Equinox, but today is also my birthday and what a magnificent day it has been! It was such a great day that I don't even mind being one year closer to being really old.

It started out a little sketchy. When I went to wake up the kids for school I found that Jebb's bed was really wet. And Jebb was not in it (I found him curled up in Seth's bed...). I was still a little groggy that early in the morning but quickly figured out the water was dripping from the window. I thought to myself, what is above this window? That would be the kitchen sink. The faucet got a bunch of sand in it and apparently had leaked all night. The water made it's way through the cabinet, past the floor, through the drywall, and out the window frame where it dripped onto Jebb's bed. I got it mopped up and shut off the valve before taking the kiddos to school. But it didn't 'dampen' my spirits (OK, that was a terrible pun)!

I cleaned up the rest of the house so it would be nice and tidy for my B-day. John was going to take me to lunch and i was looking forward to it! I got a great phone call from my parents who are on their mission in Tobago. It was great to hear from them, but it put me behind schedule somewhat. I wasn't too concerned until the doorbell rang and it was Lanae! She was surprising me and taking me to lunch instead of John. As much as I adore my hubby, I admit I was really excited to hang with her. We went to my favorite Mexican joint-Tequilla's and as we stood at the hostess stand, I noticed a couple of my dear friends sitting at a table. As I took a closer look, I realized there were a bunch of my friends at the table! I did what anyone would do-I jumped up and down yelling excitedly! I skipped over to the table excitedly giggling and hopped into a chair. I was so excited!! I realized that I was being presumptuous and asked if it was just a coincidence that they were there? I was thrilled as their smiling faces assured me that this was indeed a birthday lunch for me. YIPEE! I was so, so excited! (Did I mention how excited I was?)

After we ordered I got to open my presents!!! Fun for me!!! They were all "M" gifts and they were so dang funny! Here are a few of the pics that Lucy captured for me.

This next picture looks like it is blurry or something, but what it shows is all of the Fajita steam at our table! It was so yummy!!! What can I say, my friends have great taste and Tequilla's fajita's are KICKIN"!!

As our lunch was coming to a close, several waiters walked past me with a desert and I thought I was off the hook, but they all turned back around and started singing what I assume is a birthday song in Spanish, while plopping a sombrero on my head. I was cracking up in the beginning, but when they started smearing my face with whipped cream I thought I was going to hurt myself I was laughing so hard!

As you can clearly see, I am a lucky girl. I know some amazing women that I am blessed to call my friends. Our waiter took this final picture of us-how cool are these girls? When I suggested they hold me for the pic, they obliged! Good sports, and buff too!

My family was terrific today too. The kids all made me great cards-Elise is an eloquent writer of compliments at such a young age and Jackson is a budding little artist. Even Jebb went into the laundry room and found my stash of gift bags. He put some stuff from my craft drawers into it and crumpled up some tissue paper on top of it. Too cute! I loved spending the rest of my day with them!! I also really enjoyed the many Bday wishes I got through Facebook-technology is cool!

I have felt incredibly blessed today. I have been fortunate my whole life to meet some truly amazing friends. I thought about of all the people I have known in school, college, my mission, my family, and now. I feel so, so fortunate and rich!! I know some really great people I count as friends. What more can you ask for?! I only wish they all lived nearby!

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new. 


meegz said...

Glad you had a great day -- you deserve it!
Ummm, seems the water has been an issue(as per last post too) it's either feast or famine? ugh, good luck with that too.

Lucy said...

I'm glad your day was so MMMMarvelous and really glad I got to be a part of it. I hope you get lots of use out of all of your gifts...especially the salt shakers!

Sue said...

Now I know why I got the awkward response when I talked to Lucy last night and said we should go to lunch for your birthday this week. ;)
I'm glad you had such a great birthday!

Lanazydaisy said...

Michelleeeee!!! Can it be your birthday every Monday? You were such a blast to spoil. Big hugs old women.

The Childrens Nest said...

That was the best time ever!! So wished I was closer to all of you!! We really need to do that like once a week, ok once a month! I loved it! I am so glad you had a great time!